Exactly 13 years ago, in 2010, Bitcoin hit $0.01 for the very first time. What a long way we have come since.

It is time… time for another trip to the very remote part of Bitcoin as the King of Crypto and a trip that will probably cause a lot of hindsight already for many of us. But as we usually say, hindsight is 20/20. Of course you could have made better decisions in the past, we always could do that, but looking back now that does not change anything except wasting your time and brain power.

Today we are going back to 2010, BTC is not even two years old yet and basically just a currency that is known by some handful of software engineer nerds. Satoshi Nakamoto is still very active around the development of BTC and we have now just hit the price of 1 cent. Yes, in this year BTC hit $0.01 for the first time and even want on to close that year at $0.09. Everything afterwards is just history with countless parabolic moves up.

BTC price history chart by Investopedia

Here we have a chart that shows the absurd gains of BTC ever since. We went from $0.09 in 2010 to $26.9 in 2011. A 2.960% gain in just one year. We would be very lucky to get that in one decade right now.

A quote to counter hindsight I like, is that we should view life as a game of chess. We can not undo a bad move, the only thing we can do is to look for the best possible move in our current situation and many are already doing that by buying and DCAing into Crypto now.

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50 thoughts on “Exactly 13 years ago, in 2010, Bitcoin hit $0.01 for the very first time. What a long way we have come since.”

  1. It’s hard to wrap my mind around something now worth tens of thousands once being worth a penny.

  2. And 13 years ago, I would have sold all my Bitcoin the moment it would hit $0.03

    But than again, hindsight is 20/20

  3. As much as I wanna be one to say I bought btc at this price, ik it is very unrealistic that I would’ve held all the way to top for such gains. I’m glad I didn’t knew about btc back then lol, less stress

  4. At that time you could have mined bitcoin on a gameboy color and would probably have made hundreds of bitcoin a day.

  5. 13 years ago… if only someone told us we didn’t need school as long as we could shiitpost and get epic internet coins called moons for it. Would have saved a lot of stress wouldn’t it boys?

  6. I remember in 2014 after the initial bull run people saying it was too late to profit lol.

  7. I can’t even imagine what BTC will be at in the next 13 years. This is already exciting.

  8. I could see 13 years of missed opportunities for me.

    However, I’m thinking how good I’ll feel in another 13 years looking back!

  9. Too bad I was busy being in elementary school to take advantage of such low prices

  10. Got a bitcoin from a friend back in 2014 and ended up losing it. I’m an idiot.

  11. Every time this is wild to me. What a crazy sequence of events. Imagine being there at the beginning…ah I prob woulda sold it all

  12. How many of us are shooting ourselves for not buying a load back then? I wasn’t exactly flush with cash at that time, but if I’d bought just $10 worth and left it somewhere I’d be retired now at 32. Oh well, alarms set for 6am tomorrow for work!

  13. I never knew Bitcoin would be this large. I was looking into it back in 2011, but I hesitated to buy any.

  14. I was really hoping for more Moon hopium.

    Like comparing btc at 0.02 cents to moons right now and look at how far we could go…

  15. First time I bought sats it was $20/btc. Used it to buy stuff on the internet.

    /shrug oh well.

  16. Bitcoin went from ‘nerds only’ to ‘everyone and their grandma’ investing. Who would’ve thought?!

  17. >What Price Did Bitcoin Start At? Bitcoin was originally worth next to nothing. The transaction that first gave Bitcoin monetary value was in October 2009, when Finnish computer science student Martti Malmi, known online as Sirius, sold 5,050 coins for around INR 414.65, giving each Bitcoin a value of $0.0009 each.

    That mean it went from 0.0009 to 0.01 in less than a year, even the pizza incident of May 2010 had Bitcoin at less than half a cent at 0.004.

    That’s pretty impressive. Sorry, hard for me to convert this article I’m reading since everything is in indian rupees for some reason

  18. Imagine the post on whatever replaces reddit. “10 years ago cc moon was .45, what a long way we have come”

  19. If only in 2012/13 when I heard of BTC. I spent the time to learn and understand it. Young and naive as I thought it was just a fad that would pass. 7 years later I actually took the time and finally got into buying BTC. Held some ever since then.

  20. I wasn’t in crypto back then, but I really wish I was. That would have been an amazing price to buy at

  21. I begrudge not getting in to it when my house mate did in 2013 when he was mining upstairs.

    I then hate myself for having BTC amongst other coins in Cryptopia in 2018 when they were hacked and then liquidated.

    I hate myself for then having the wind knocked out of me and not getting back in until 2021 when the hype started up once again, buying back in so near the top.

    I love myself for not being offput through all the shitty times in the last 2 years, learning and continuing to understand the markets – and also realising that NOW is the best time to buy for serious projects.

  22. I didn’t know what a Bitcoin was back then… It must have been amazing to live the whole thing from the inside

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