Everything is down not just crypto, don’t panic and sell off everything you might regret it later

Yes I know we are headed for recession, the crisis is very bad, the price of everything is going to hell. Everybody is talking about it.
The news, twitter, reddit.
Stocks are down, crypto is way down, the only thing not down is the price of real estate but we invest in crypto so it is not our concern.

What is also, in my opinion at least certain, is that the market will rebound, crypto will return to its value as will stocks and as will everything else.
Everything always does.
Okay we didn't have a crypto market the last time we had an economic crisis that much is true however there is no reason to believe that the market won't return to normal.

What you shouldn't do is sell of what you have, there is no reason, you will just lose a lot of money and gain very little, keep your assets on Binance, Durafi, Coinbase or whatever you use don't sell them for pennies when they could be worth 10 times more when this is over.

Of course this is just my opinion, what is yours what will you do.

Everything is down not just crypto, don't panic and sell off everything you might regret it later

7 thoughts on “Everything is down not just crypto, don’t panic and sell off everything you might regret it later”

  1. Idk why everyone always panics. If your financial situation sucks and you’re forced to sell at a loss then I certainly feel for you. I hope things work out. But for everyone else who can afford to hodl and buy more, this is a godsend. As long as you’re not aping into shitcoins.

  2. DONT, I REPEAT DONT HOLD YOU COINS ON A EXCHANGE. Look at Celcius. Yes Coinbase and binance or whatever you might use are unlikely to go under anytime soon. But we don’t know where the market will land, and I assure you if they need too, they will use your assests as collateral.

    Take it out and store it in a wallet or ledger. Especially if you are hodling long term.

  3. You should panic sell a month ago, so if/when you bought back these days, you would be in a profit /bigger bag.
    This is how I F-ed up my ETH holdings and couple of atls…now I could be 32eth provider, but atm i’m focusing more on getting more KDA, and preparing to provide liquidity for its kaddex dex when it launches

  4. The only thing going to the moon this year are the prices of food and utility bills.

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