Ethereum: Far From Home

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Benjamin Cowen

Ethereum: Far From Home

The price of #Ethereum is far from home (in reference to the lower logarithmic regression trend line fit to “non-bubble” data. In this video we discuss the #ETH / #USD and #ETH / #BTC valuations. What do you think of this analysis? Let me know in the comments! Into The Cryptoverse Premium: m Into The Cryptoverse Newsletter: / LIFETIME OPTION: / Alternative Option: e Merch: / Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice. Telegram: e Twitter: e TikTok: Instagram: / Discord: R Facebook: e Reddit: / Website: /

8 thoughts on “Ethereum: Far From Home”

  1. Do you think that things are a little different because of the 2020 crash that shouldn't have happened. If it didn't happen, we likely would've gone higher in the last bull-run, and we would have been chopping around in "home base" for the last little while.

  2. We already kissed $900 ETH good bye, I believe we will not see it down to the green zone this cycle

  3. I like your content because you don't tell us what we wanna hear but what your honest opinion is.

  4. The main reason why it is holding up well, is because staked coins are locked up. Ethereum will come home fast, as soon as unstaking is available.

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