E-currency exchange

Hey guys! How are you?

I'm dOrg's Comms Lead (

We are a DAO of freelance web 3 developers working with Starkware, Gnosis, The Graph, Ethereum Foundation, etc.

We really like the work you are doing at Uniswap, so if any Uniswap members are going to be there, we would love to invite you or some Tech Lead for an ETH Denver Panel about CeFi and DeFi, as we will be recording a dOrg Hot Seat live episode there.

dOrg Hot Seat it's a web3 tech podcast about our favorite decentralised protocols and web 3 tools. (…)

We're currently writing our submission to ETHDenver, so we wanted to know if you would be in.

Lmk if you would be up so I can give you more details!

Thanks in advance for your time, 

Best regards,

– Human at dOrg