ELONBALLS!!! Hold, Stake, Farm & Earn! Battle with your NFTs!!!


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Elonballs is a BEP20 token launched on May 11th focused on minting NFTs of Pokelon cards, these cards are limited in supply based on rarity and can be used in a TG game that’s live now!

Elonballs is a relatively new token that’s already made big waves around BSC pushing out an interactive experience that’s unlike anything else out there. Great team, amazing artist on board and a solid community come join us for daily chances to win some NFTs on our Telegram!!

Telegram: https://t.me/pokelonfinance


● Use your collected NFTs to battle your friends and foes alike!

● NFT Farming! You can stake Elonballs to obtain points which you then exchange for Pokelon NFTs or moonstones to evolve Pokelon you already have caught amongst other items that have a variety of uses.

● The devs have showed reliability, continuously developing the POKELON
ecosystem and being a constant presence in TG daily!

● NFT Art is incredible and some have already sold for 1ETH this is just the beginning!

● Buyback of elonballs tokenomics “Gyaradip”.

● You can collect gym badges by completing community tasks and claim rewards, this is currently being updated alongside the elondex!

● HUGE marketing campaign incoming!!!

● Sell/Trade your pokelon NFTs on Elonmart! https://t.me/elonmart

● Organic growth, Transparent active devs and stunning NFTs join the giveaways in our Telegram DAILY!

🍃 Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Presale: 400000000000000 (40%)

Available At Listing: 400000000000000 (40%) Private Sale: 100000000000000 (10%) Burned At Launch: 50000000000000 (5%) Marketing Tokens: 30000000000000 (3%) Development Tokens: 20000000000000 (2%) Buy Tax: 2% Holders, 4% Mktg, 6% Buyback Sell Tax: 7% Holders, 2% Mktg, 2% Buyback


Website: https://www.pokelonfinance.com/elonballs

Check out the Elondex to see details about specific pokelon here. https://www.pokelonfinance.com/elondex-v2

Whitepaper: https://pokelon-finance.medium.com/your-pokelon-journey-is-about-to-unfold-the-pokelon-whitepaper-4594d4be7631

Gym Badges: https://www.pokelonfinance.com/gym-badges

ELONBALLS!!! Hold, Stake, Farm & Earn! Battle with your NFTs!!!

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