Eggland’s Best to release a stable coin pegged to the price of an egg

Eggland's Best one of the largest egg companies in the world announced this morning that they will be releasing a stable coin pegged to the price of one EGG.

The coin will be called EGG and will always be redeemable for one EGG from Eggland's Best, who sells only the best eggs.

Eggland's best CEO:

Man has always had a problem with purchasing eggs, you can't buy hundred or thousands of them right now that the price is low because they will go bad before you are able to eat them but with this new EGG coin you can purchase your eggs at todays price and enjoy them tomorrow without having to worry about them rotting.

Gordon Ramsey:

This is the greatest thing to happen to eggs since the scramble.

The price of eggs is getting out of hand, with this new development and the power of blockchain for the first time you can purchase your eggs today and enjoy tomorrow.

With EGG you can purchase as many EGGs at todays prices as you want and be sure that in the future after prices have spiked and everybody else is paying 200% more you will be able to redeem your EGG coins for real eggs.

At Eggland's Best – One EGG = One EGG

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50 thoughts on “Eggland’s Best to release a stable coin pegged to the price of an egg”

  1. As a breakfast restaurant owner, it would be nice to have this on my watchlist widget

  2. so the egg market has topped out? they realized everybody stopped buying eggs? 😂

  3. Buy it, break it, use it, flip it, eat it, trash it, it, boil, upgrade it


  4. What an eggcellent idea. Im going to have to find an eggsbert to help me with this eggvestment.

  5. I wish I could get some $EGGS. Unfortunately my funds are staking $CHICKENS. Will there be an $EGG distribution?

  6. I’m hoping for an entire eggosystem that includes an eggswap, farmvilleverse, steaking, and cooping to other chains.

  7. Okay, but the price of eggs are probably going to come down since the high price is partly due to the bad avian flu this year… so they sell a bunch of tokens for 80 cents per coin now, then you can redeem them for 40 cent eggs in a year or whenever. Doesn’t sound like a good deal. They’ll probably give you the grade c eggs anyway.

  8. Eggcelent idea, I love it. However, am not so keen on putting all my eggs in one basket.

  9. Where’s the brand new shitcoin based off this post that I can invest more than I can afford to lose in? I’ll take all the cartons you got

  10. Unironically there already was an $eggs pump and dump shitcoin with NFTs as utility, it didn’t end well.

  11. Scam – I put a dozen eggs in my closet and a month later I go to check on them and find someone swapped them with 12 dead chickens.

  12. Please tell me there’s going to be additional drops of creme eggs and easter eggs

  13. Damn this was Schroedinger’s Real for me as I read on, both satire and not until the end. I’d be up for throwing a few bucks into it though, God knows I’ve bought worse ideas gif

  14. You might be making fun of this coin until you realise your favourite shitcoin is just as useful in real life as a hypothetical egg coin

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