Eggland’s Best to release a stable coin pegged to the price of an egg

Eggland's Best one of the largest egg companies in the world announced this morning that they will be releasing a stable coin pegged to the price of one EGG.

The coin will be called EGG and will always be redeemable for one EGG from Eggland's Best, who sells only the best eggs.

Eggland's best CEO:

Man has always had a problem with purchasing eggs, you can't buy hundred or thousands of them right now that the price is low because they will go bad before you are able to eat them but with this new EGG coin you can purchase your eggs at todays price and enjoy them tomorrow without having to worry about them rotting.

Gordon Ramsey:

This is the greatest thing to happen to eggs since the scramble.

The price of eggs is getting out of hand, with this new development and the power of blockchain for the first time you can purchase your eggs today and enjoy tomorrow.

With EGG you can purchase as many EGGs at todays prices as you want and be sure that in the future after prices have spiked and everybody else is paying 200% more you will be able to redeem your EGG coins for real eggs.

At Eggland's Best – One EGG = One EGG

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