🐺Dogepack the Pack that stays Together! | ⛔With Unique Anti Whale and Anti Dump feature🐋| Metaverse rewards that go to holders 👀 | Big Marketing Plans📈 | Animated NFTs and NFT Marketplace🖼️| We ensure that this will be the next 1000x Metaverse project 💎


🐺Anyone can join our pack, but once you join us, you're like part of the family. And we don't take too kindly to our family breaking apart. We embrace those who embrace us, and we destroy those who abandon us. 🐺

We are one. We are Dogepack. 🐺


🥩 We want to take care of our friends from all across the world, Charity wallet implemented!

🔥 We want to keep the chart going up, that's why we have auto and manual burns!

🖼️ We are believe in the Metaverse and NFT adoption, that's why we have our own Animated NFT and NFT Marketplace set in motion combined with lots of NFT related news coming!

🤝 Low buy tax so anyone can become a part of the Pack!

😬 People who want to become lone wolves won't last long!



🤑Buy tax is 5%, easy to get in:

  • 1% goes to Liquidity

  • 4% Marketing, to get exposure as fast as possible! 📈

😎Sell tax is 20%, no easy way out:

  • 3% goes to Liquidity

  • 2% is burned each transaction 📈

  • 7% Marketing 👆

  • 1% Charity to feed our friends 🥩

  • 2% goes to BuyBack wallet 📈

  • 5% Reflections redistributed to holders 🍖

🐋Anti Whale Features❌

-Every 24h, you can sell up to 0.2% of the Total Supply 🐳

-You can sell up to 0.1% of the total supply per transaction 😉

-1% of the Total Supply per Wallet 🙂



📝Social Links :

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💬 Dogepack Telegram

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