The Dogecoin Millionaire


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9 thoughts on “DOGECOIN!!! WE’RE BACK BABY!!!!!”

  1. Now 24 hours later and your back at .06, guess your still an idiot? I laugh out loud when your all like … Doge is going up and back to .10! Wrong again!!!
    Bullish on Dogecoin? NOPE!!!

  2. So Elon has never been a believer in Dogecoin, his workers were. Kind of stupid to wait on tip toes for Elon to tweet something when he isn't even the one who likes it.

  3. Your dilutional and are talking yourself back into the belief you can get back to where you were at one time but you need to wake up!

  4. You make it really hard to cheer for you with all this silly bravato and premature celebrations. Since the release of the video Doge has gone down 7% (less than 24 hours). It is actually insane that the whole Doge economy revolves around the tweets of a grifter billionaire without any really value besides being a meme. Brace for impact dude, you're up for a rude awakening regarding the intrinsic value of a meme coin during an economic downturn.

  5. Yep, we are already too late for those coins but luckily we have some options left like Web3 Spark

  6. I really really hope that you have a diverse portfolio including non-crypto markets

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