Dogecoin Shorts Are Running Down & Price is Running Up | Why? | Dogecoin News

David Mitchell Jr

Dogecoin Shorts Are Running Down & Price is Running Up | Why? | Dogecoin News

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10 thoughts on “Dogecoin Shorts Are Running Down & Price is Running Up | Why? | Dogecoin News”

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  2. Next week BTC could retest the last low 17-18k,.. Wonder where DOGE will retrace then?

  3. As always highly appreciated 🙏🏾 where do u see eth going as far as a bottom doesn't have to be an exact guess of course lbs

  4. I hope I'm right but if it's green tomorrow it will go down and then skyrocket.

  5. Can we start getting some quick morning thoughts on price and in the community section? I love watching your videos in the evening time in CA, but at this point the wisdom you share helps so much! (Not FA of course) I’m also not on Twitter. So there’s that..

  6. Luzion protocol 380,000% apy with busd rewards on top paid every 15 minutes to your wallet.. doxxed team play to earn game already delivered and working #safuu

  7. Thank you for your fabulous video!! You are the best informative person of all times in the crypto world 🌎 Doge is definitely the people's currency of the future especially in terms of transactions Doge to the mooooooon!!

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