Does exodus support usdc on tor network?

I couldn't find info about and I wanted to know why exodus doesn't have usdc tron(trx), it's weird because it has networks like sol, bsc which seem to many are less popular

Does exodus support usdc on tor network?

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  2. Hey there! Chiming in to say that you’re correct, we don’t support USDC on TRX, just on ETH, BSC, MATIC, and SOL. USDC on BSC was a popular request. USDC on SOL was necessary for our Magic Eden integration. USDC on MATIC was necessary for our SportX integration.

    That said, while we haven’t added official support for USDC on TRX yet, I’m happy to submit a request for it. Also, our team is currently working on bringing custom token support several of our supported chains. That’s already supported on SOL, and custom ETH tokens will be launching soon. If we don’t add official support for USDC on TRX soon, custom TRX tokens should be coming sometime down the line. Thank you for the feedback!

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