Do Kwon’s TFL accidentally sent someone $1.5M worth of LUNA and is now threatening to call the FBI on them. Ironic.

TFL accidentally sent a guy named Jimmy a million LUNA, peak worth of around $6-7M. The guy is not returning the money yet citing tax implications as a reason, meaning he is consulting some tax lawyers on the implications of returning the funds. He wants to keep some incase he may need to pay taxes on the transaction, which is fair to me.


The funniest part id Do kwon, someone who is being hunted by law enforcement all over the world, threatening to call the FBI on someone. This is too funny lmao. Just another day in crypto innit.

Read more details here:

50 thoughts on “Do Kwon’s TFL accidentally sent someone $1.5M worth of LUNA and is now threatening to call the FBI on them. Ironic.”

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  3. Hello, is this FBI? I scammed millions of people from their life-savings but accidentally sent one of them some money. I need your assistance.

  4. This is like a drug dealer calling the police because someone stole drugs from him.

  5. Can’t wait for Do Kwon to meet with the FBI in order to give them everything they need to go after Jimmy

  6. Poor Do Kwon, can’t imagine what he is going through losing money to a “rugpuller” with no hope in sight. /s

  7. Luna is a failed stable coin project that no longer has a stablecoin to offer.

    What is lunas value proposition at all now?

  8. What a shitshow. This is involuntary golden comedy right there.

    That’s why crypto is seen as a joke by outsiders.

  9. FBI operator:

    Yes, Mr. Kwon, all you need to do is to fill a form out . Please come to one of our offices, Jail Street, Seoul, South Korea.

  10. He “accidentally” sent it. The guys then sells it and gets the money, totally not Do Kwon’s attempt to sell his coins.

  11. I can’t imagine there are tax implications. It’s like someone gave me $1.5M in a mistaken bank transaction and I return it. I don’t get taxed.

  12. This one is quite interesting when you read the details of the situation in full.

    This Jimmy character created a new validator called “The Charity Block” which has a 100% staking-reward fee, and has been staking the community funds there to cash out rewards. So far he has made 46,600 $LUNA this way. Depending on his jurisdiction, those staking rewards will also have tax implications. Unless they are in fact going to charity, but who even knows what is truly going on with these people.

  13. Do Kwon: “Steady lads, deploying more capital”

    accidentally sends $1.5M Luna to the wrong person

  14. Do Kwon learnt one thing after this :

    Karma is a bitch,no matter wherever he goes to hide.Karma knows his address.

  15. Make it known that you are sending everything back, “accidentally” to a wrong number that is totally not your anonymous wallet. That “totally not your wallet” swaps it all for monero.

  16. The guy’s response seems completely reasonable. He’s literally willing to help, but basically saying, “fool me twice…”

  17. Keep in mind this is the same person that won’t give back a cent to investors, but as soon as it’s his money he goes running to the feds

  18. If I accidently send crypto to the wrong person, they say it is my fault. If I receive crypto from some idiot that was intended for someone else, they also say I am at fault.

    Why is my ass always at fault?

  19. Let him call the FBI. I want to see if he has the balls to do so.
    By doing so, his location would get exposed lol

  20. Don’t give it back lol I’m pretty sure kwon is a bigger target for the fbi than jimmy 🤣

  21. And people made fun of me when I asked for help getting my 5k hbar back. Dude MADE an exchange and still fucked up transfers! I guess Do Kwon is a noob too?

  22. Yes, please call the FBI. I will gladly meet you in person to return it at a spot of their choosing minus any fees if they cannot work a deal with the IRS on my behalf. My guess is I’m getting a finders fee though for bringing your ass in.

  23. > He wants to keep some incase he may need to pay taxes on the transaction, which is fair to me.

    Yeah this if completely bullshit. But also, if I received a significant amount of money, COMPLETELY LEGALLY, I wouldn’t return any of it unless I got a court order stating I need to.

  24. i dont care where you live you dont have to pay taxes on an accidental deposits that you returned. Not a fucking country on the planet would. You dont even need to hire a tax lawyer, most will tell you the same over the phone. Its a bullshit delay tactic while they figure out how to keep the money.

    FUcking taxes.. Yeah right.

  25. Why is Do Kwon even walking around freely? He should be put in jail long time ago!

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