Discord bot to help track your crypto assets


I don't usually do this but this is my first ever discord bot and I put a lot of love in it, I have also never had a project generate interest of more than 50 people, so as a hobby developer I would be very happy if I achieved something more! Also, my only “beta” tester is my buddy who got me into crypto two years ago and he uses it few times a day maybe. More feedback and different opinions would probably help shape it better.

Anyway, the story is I started working on this bot as a stupid script because the friend I mentioned got into trading and I figured if I could write a script that detects sudden price spikes, we can try make some easy money leveraging pullbacks.

I quickly lost my 20$ on futures in the meantime and decided it is not for me while my friend got more into TA because he actually did pretty good. I got more into researching projects and putting a bit of money here and there. I perfectly timed my entry into crypto, just before the plummet started, LUNA melted, FTX fiesta etc. Anyway, a digression, I'm sorry.

Let's talk about the bot

The idea for the script was to send an e-mail or SMS, but then I realized Discord is easy to use with Python so I started making a simple bot since we both use same Discord server. It could only display current price of a token and draw graphs of prices it recorded, it was all in memory – gah. Over time I added tons of features and learned new stuff so I made it into much more manageable system that in my experience works very nicely.

The bot is meant to be focused on users – not servers, I will expand on this in a minute. Anyone can invite the bot on the server and someone on the server has to claim bot to use certain commands. For example: the bot can move into a channel and post crypto trends once an hour, so to avoid misuse, only the user who initially claimed the bot can do this. This also includes changing bot's command prefix (call handle is what I call it I guess).

Anyone can talk to the bot on the server and use commands to check token prices, show price history on a graph or create reminders for themselves. And this is where we get to the user focus.

Users can create a virtual wallet. Wallet is bound to user's discord ID, so if the bot exists on multiple servers you're a part of, you can use wallet commands anywhere, but it's all the same. You can PM the bot if you want to keep your stuff private.

This is not a real wallet, its purpose is to help you track your crypto net worth if you have multiple wallets or have assets on multiple exchanges, you can add, edit or remove its contents with commands, according to the tokens the bot keeps track of (can be listed with a command, about 135 tokens are being tracked).

You can also display a graph of your wallet's price history, but keep in mind it will take an hour or so for it to have enough datapoints to draw something.

Since my friend is into trading, he suggested some features I'm still working on, like showing open/close times of exchanges in different parts of the world, but this isn't in focus at the moment, I just wanted to see how it would work. I want to make the bot 100% stable and polish it on the things I consider important. Since we're at trading, I do plan to implement pump notification system soon.

I'll just return back to reminders for a second, it's basically bot sending you a PM when token hits desired price limits you set.

That's pretty much the idea the bot revolves on. I plan to add more features over time, but it depends on the amount of free time I have. Sometimes I don't touch the code for a month or two and cope by telling myself I'm testing how stable the script is when in fact I'm suffering from burnout but it is what it is. If there's something that needs to be done right away because the bot is not working, I get my hands dirty anyway.

Uptime of the bot is >95% I'd say, I'm running it on my old PC next to my table but sometimes I need to turn off if there's a thunderstorm or my ISP decides to play games on me. In the future I plan to host a bot somewhere for a price so I will likely add some premium features for a small subscription fee of like 1-3$/year to cover hosting and a few beers, but my priority is polishing the bot to 100% before considering charging anything in any way so let's not get ahead of us.

If you're interested in using the bot, I would just like to ask you for a bit of understanding because as I add new features sometimes errors slip under my radar than can in the worst case scenario make the bot hang and appear as if it was online, but not respond completely/at all. Also, once every 3 days the bot does db cleanup so it might not be completely responsive, but its description will say “MAINTENANCE MODE” so just check if that's the problem. It lasts for a minute or two.

Anyway, you can find the invite link on my TOPGG page just like the link for the Discord server. If you don't want to invite the bot but still want to use it, feel free to join the Discord server only as you need to have at least one common server with the bot in order to be able to do PM communication with it. You can also just invite the bot and not make it move into any channel, it will not send any messages unless prompted with a command.

I'm always open to suggestions and willing to help, if you have any questions or issues feel free to PM me on discord!

Thanks for the read! 😉

TLDR: I made a Discord bot to help you track token prices, price history on graph, create “fake” wallet to help you track your net worth and notify you when tokens hit certain prices. You can find it on TOPGG if you're interested in using it!

edit: I copied large part from post I made in another sub and for whatever reason links are grey. Links do work though!