I just got a hardware wallet and needed some BNB to transfer my CAKE from my software to my hardware. After I transferred and re-staked my CAKE, I had some BNB left over so I decided to try my hand at Prediction. In an hour and a half, I turned .05 BNB into .19. I then took my winnings and put them in an Alpaca Finance Liquidity pool earning 5.6% and then took the ibTokens they gave me and staked them for ALPACA. So now 99% of my BSC assets are earning interest while the markets fluctuate and they're being safely locked up by my wallet! This is awesome

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  2. i turned 12 bnb to 7 bnb in just a few minutes

    and earlier today turned my remaining 0.2bnb to 0.002bnb buying micro cap alts

    We are not the same 😎

  3. Ok so 2 things stand out imo

    1. Not sure if i follow you, saying i need to move from my software to my hardware (wallets?), you mean moving from hot wallet to another hot wallet but the second one has hw authenticator? Bcs youre not moving anything onto the hw wallet(legder,trezor etc) coins are still on blockchain, your wallet is only a “gate” through which you access them and the trezor is the key that protects that gate.

    2. Putting your money/tokens into a liqidity pool is definately not “safely locked”, thanks to impermanent loss its a gamble right behind margin and leverage…

    Edit: whops, misread the safely locked, it was meant its locked by the wallet not the pool sry bout that

  4. FYI they are not safely locked up in your wallet, they’re unsafely locked up in a smart contract. There’s a reason you get interest from staking. There have been multiple events where DeFi smart contracts were tricked into giving away all their tokens to hackers – such as the one that happened to Cream Finance in October

  5. I turned 40K into $200 (rugpull).; turned 28 BNB into 15 BNB; turned $180,000 in NEO into $16,000. That’s crypto.

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