DeFi Craze Coming Back? Best DeFi Coins for 2022? When to Get In?

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DeFi Craze Coming Back? Best DeFi Coins for 2022? When to Get In?

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8 thoughts on “DeFi Craze Coming Back? Best DeFi Coins for 2022? When to Get In?”

  1. DOT, ICON, VET and FTM are absolute buy at the moment. Much bigger pump groups are talking about next parabolic run and DOT, SUPER, VET and ICON are the next ones. I know many missed when these pump groups called Ada, SOL, LUNA and AVAX.
    I have started dca these coins. I feel ICON is the next SOL.

  2. I'm buying up some IOTX and XYO, no one is really talking or paying attention to these tokens, my long-term holds.🀞🏾🀞🏾

  3. ATOM will do AVAX soon ?? it has potential to do that. ( not a financial advise to buy and it involves certain risks. DYOR)

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