Decentralized Cross-chain Exchange – $PAW #PawSwap

Pawswap ($PAW) is developed and inspired with the mantra of decentralization at its core. Inspired by Shiba Inu’s success, the $PAW team strives to bring the same quality of success from Shiba Inu to Pawswap. $PAW will serve as the gateway to Pawswap with this website acting as the portal for entry. With the end goal in my mind, $PAW strives to create and transform the decentralized space through community driven innovation.

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide safety and compliance to anyone investing and trusting in our team and our products.

CertiK audit in progress 🔰

4 thoughts on “Decentralized Cross-chain Exchange – $PAW #PawSwap”

  1. It’s already undergoing a name change, staking was stopped and not listed anywhere.

    Why bother?

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