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Daily General Discussion - November 8, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – November 8, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Anyone else feeling more motivated with the DCA now after seeing that prices can still occasionally move upwards? 😂🎢

  2. If you weren’t a holder yesterday, you’re probably a holder today.

    bruce willis: welcome to the party pal!!!

  3. Not gonna lie, after falling so much already I feel some deep dark desire for lower prices so I can keep with the accumulation phase. Obviously there’s also light inside myself that wishes for better macro conditions and rising prices. But Algo sub 40 cents, Matic under 1$, BTC <20k and Eth around 1k look like amazing entry prices for the long run and I don’t see those projects going anywhere

  4. I really don’t understand how all cryptos follow BTC, like XLM could become global currency tomorrow and it would still tank if BTC tanks…this is stupid really! All I read is positive news (verified ones like Google Cloud and SOL for example) and the market should be extra-bullish but time after time it plunges…boh

  5. I really don’t understand how all cryptos follow BTC, like XLM could become global currency tomorrow and it would still tank if BTC tanks…this is stupid really! All I read is positive news (verified ones like Google Cloud and SOL for example) and the market should be extra-bullish but time after time it plunges…boh

  6. What do you think the elections’ effects will be on the crypto market? Not just price-wise but in other aspects as well (regulations, etc.)

  7. No coincidence that the charts are red and we are experiencing the rare blood moon in Australian Skies right now

    The Aussie Blood Moon won’t occur again for another 3 years

  8. All this FTX drama is covering the sub with doom and gloom. Anyone want my free silver award to ward off the bad juju? 🥈

  9. I bought the dip today! I’m now a proud owner of 0.2 BTC. Hope I make it to 1 BTC someday.

  10. I think the stage is set for a BTC renaissance, once most alt coins are designated as securities, people will realise BTC’s value, we will come full circle back to BTC.

  11. Rumor has it CZ (Binance CEO) had a score to settle with Sam-Bankman-Fried (FTX CEO) from all the way back in 2019 because CZ believed that Sam once tried to attack the Binance futures platform.

    CZ playing the 3D chess. I think CZ was really fed up with Sam, also because Sam was lobbying with politicians and regulators and was ready to give a part of this space over to traditional finance.

  12. For someone who doesn’t know any candidates in the US midterm elections: are republicans or democrats more crypto friendly in general or is it hard to say and it doesn’t really matter which party wins senate and house for thet cause?

  13. The good thing about DCA is that I’m becoming numb to these market movements. 19, 20, 21k are all good “accumulation opportunities”. I would have given my left testicle to buy BTC at 30k during the last bull run.

  14. FTT token lost the 22$ mark, currently tumbling at 17.96.

    How much will it be at the end of the day?

  15. There is a bug affecting brave rewards, the rewards are are way much lower than intended.
    Devs are working on it.

  16. Big dips used to scare me, but nowadays it all feels part of the plan. Difficult to resist a little more BTC at this price.

  17. Markets going down. Moons casually pumping because they are the real inflation hedge 🤣

  18. Sold my last shitcoin yesterday before the big dump. Now I have some profit and my mental health is less likely to be affected. Feels good.

  19. After weeks of crabbing, I don’t mind a little bit of excitement. I’m not convinced of new lows, though. Surely weeks of crabbing created a massive support?

  20. People saying they hope FTX stays solvent, would you say the same about Celsius knowing what you know now?

  21. Here we go people-> https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/ypewgn/ftx_fiat_withdrawals_now_showing_withdrawals_are/

  22. Funny how the narrative shifted people claiming it’s bull in the last two weeks to it’s “BTC is dipping”.

    In other news hope for more volatility.

  23. FTX potentially collapsing and the US midterm elections are sure to be highly contentious and possibly lead to violence in the streets. Probably a good day to open some short positions.

  24. Do you guys sell when bad news come out about your project? I for myself decided to hold through any noise once I decided myself for a coin. No matter which, sometimes there are unfavorable news and selling then doesn’t feel right idk. That’s why I diversify my holdings. On the other side, selling all my ONE right after the bridge hack would’ve been a good move. (Low % position anyways and I knew it’s speculative)

  25. I have a feeling we’re about to see the situation that will put us down to them 17.5k levels in the next few weeks

  26. If this will lead to the final capitulation and reset on next bull market, I’m in.

    Crabbing for 1.5 years will kill me.

  27. Careful with your purchase today there is blood in the streets, the worst is yet to come

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