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Daily General Discussion - November 7, 2022 (GMT+0)

44 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – November 7, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Decided to buy the blood and get some more Link. I really believe that given the vital role of Link in the space and the major developments ahead, it could be like buying ETH a long time ago. Getting ready for the staking pump soon.*

    *plz dont rug me CZ and SBF

  2. After 4 somewhat pleasant days we were due for the knife to be stuck back in, I guess. 🫠🫠

  3. I want to withdraw some VET from Binance to VeChainThor. Which network should I use for it, Bep20 or Vechain?

  4. the FTX situation feels like another dooms day event for crypto. Just use a wallet, it’s not that hard. It doesn’t even have to be a hard wallet, I use exodus and I think it’s a LOT better than leaving it on exchanges. I sleep better knowing i have custody of my crypto

  5. I don’t know when this bear market will end or when the next one will come. What I do know is that the next bull market will be obscene.

  6. Done with the fiat mine soon. Can’t wait to come home and be productive laze around like a bum . How is everyone doing?

  7. FTX offered to buy all FTT tokens from Binance for $22. Let me guess, they wanted to pay in a bag of their illiquid shit coins instead of real money?

  8. Well at least there is upward movement. I was expecting a bloodbath when I got up this morning.

  9. It is very likely that Sam will sell a lot of SOL so he can save FTT. He cannot let FTT go down because SBF’s trading company holds billions in (very leveraged) FTT. There is no support between the current price of around $22-24 and $10.

    This shit is reminding me more of June every day. Sold my SOL earlier today.

  10. For the specific benefit of /u/TheCryptoDeity:

    DOGE cannot sustain a high marketcap because it has 3.96% inflation. Every time it has a pathetic false pumps from a trolling tweet of a trolling billionaire, it then needs even more inflow of funds the next day to mop up its new 14.4 million daily New Supply. So it inevitably falls back soon afterwards as the publicity dies down.

    Making it always nothing more than a pump and dump coin.

  11. So so busy with the fiat mine, but glad there are quite a bit of crypto news to read tonight.

    SBF drama tbe.


  12. Have a nice working week ! This week I am starting my crypto journey !

  13. After doing some research, I am planning to DCA old man BTC and ETH for the foreseeable future. My risk appetite isn’t that big, I feel safer with the big two. I don’t have to wonder if a random shill is telling the truth (everyone seems to have their own favourite). Next thing to research is hardware wallets and NFTs!

  14. The thing that was made clear to me in the past few months is that any alt can suddenly fail for any niche reason related to it

    While for bitcoin its kinda different, if bitcoin fails then pretty much all of crypto is screwed

    Therefore sticking to btc in the uncertain times feels the least uncertain thing to do

  15. What are the chances of Elon creating his own shitcoin for Twitter? I think if that happens, it would doom doge

  16. For those with ledgers can I ask 3 questions pls, ty

    1. Can you hold multiple coins on the same ledger?
    2. Do you have to pay fees everytime you transfer something to that ledger (if you DCA weekly for example)
    3. What if your ledger breaks?


    If this information is easily findable, my apologies but It seems I did not find it :p

  17. Best way to decompress from fiat mining is to catch up on today’s offering of crypto doom. Fatigue gone, adrenaline pumping. Hands hasten to remove my coins off FTX

  18. Almost 50% BTC in my crypto portfolio through dca.

    Gonna push it to around 53% (mate, I’m very specific with numbers lol), then load up on more ETH.

  19. Did you know?

    In Lebanon, the “lollar” is a deposit denominated in US dollars in the Lebanese banking system. Its symbol is lol

    The government pegged the Lebanese pound at 1 USD = 1,500 LL, however as the banks are technically near insolvent, the LL got stuck at bank accounts in the form of lol. Market rate is 1 USD = 38,000 LL.

    The minimum monthly wage in Lebanon is 675,000 LL, or 18 USD. That’s an equivalent of 167 moons.


  20. Remember, according to Elon Musk, if you identify as “they/them”, you should pay $16 per month rather than the standard $8 for a blue checkmark because you identify as multiple people. Only fair, right?😂

  21. Hey guys I’ve got a quick question. Say someone done really well in a bull market and made like idk…$100M+ How would they even begin to cash that out into fiat lol? Like there’s Binance convert where you can convert from one coin to another but does that have limits to how much you can convert? Or are there special OTC services for clients that have that much money in crypto.

  22. faud – noun, slang for faux food, a reference to the plethora of junk in the common diet

    stay healthy moon fam

  23. Who would you consider the biggest enemy of Crypto and it’s survival and why?

  24. What I really don’t get about FTX (if it’s true), Celsius and 3AC is that if they just set up themselves up to stable with a healthy cash reserve, then they’d be easily raking in tons of money on fees for decades without lifting a finger. Why ruin that opportunity? Makes no sense…

  25. I’m not moving my coins off FTX, why? cus I never held any in it.

    Follow me for more nonsense.

  26. The market might just be trying to get set for a massive Bull run from January 2023.

  27. watching SBF vs. Erik Voorhees: How Do We Regulate Crypto?
    while people are trying gtfo ftx


    btw erik nailed it

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