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Daily General Discussion - November 11, 2022 (GMT+0)

44 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – November 11, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. with the difficulties related to staking DOT, i decided to trade my bag for another alt. which one would you recommend ?

  2. Thank you to the friendly Nigerian gentleman in my dms who is helping me retrieve my funds from FTX

  3. Some perspective: 10 years ago on this very day Bitcoin was $10.81! Five months later it was $229.

    A minor 21x. If only I invested back then.

  4. My Google search history:

    Bitcoin price.

    Why Bitcoin crash.

    FTX news

    Investment breakeven calculator

    How to file for bankruptcy

    Bitcoin price

    How to divorce if wife already left

  5. If Twitter goes bankrupt, will it affect the market as a whole, or just doge coin?

  6. Shitcoiners will start posting soon how much money they made shorting sol and then buying the bottom.

    Trust no one

  7. Anyone else wonder if the main reason why BTC’s value went up so much is because of the low interest rates central banks were offering? What are the odds of banks reversing their hikes back to what they were instead of higher lows?

  8. Has anybody been in the Permabears discord group? I am eager to know if that guy is a scam

  9. Would the collapse of binance in your opinion kill the crypto market? Many people seem to think so, by that logic one could just let some of his assets there for better staking yields (in the first tier). I’m using a cold wallet but just wondering if this argument is total BS or not.

  10. u/FrankieTheYoung Not necessarily. Regulation would also open the floodgates for wider adoption, increasing volume, and thus potential for higher reward with lower risk.

  11. ethereum will inevitably go down in flames exactly like luna or ftt

    you better unstake all your coins

    oh wait

  12. Is there a significant benefit to having the ledger nano X over the S plus other than storage space??

  13. 2023 will be the year of staking. Lending out your crypto is now dead. I doubt many people will want to risk trusting someone with their trust-less coin.

  14. I think “not your keys, not your coin” should be pinned somewhere or put in the description of the sub so that everyone can see it

  15. Swooped my favorite avatar I haven’t had in a few months for 1.5!!! Never selling this one.

  16. I just wanna say this sub helped me out a lot during this bear, times when I was losing hope but was given a shot of hopium. There’s no one in real life who I can really talk to about crypto or they just think it’s a fad. So for real, thanks for being here, each and everyone of you. Let’s get that financial freedom!

  17. Some nerd in my DMs wants me to help them buy mining equipment. I must say, I preferred the hot women wanting to be my friend. SMH

  18. With this TRX/FTX thing, what’s stopping everyone else buying TRX and sending them to FTX to sell – which should equalise the price?

    I’m trying to figure it out. Is it that if I buy TRX, send to FTX and sell, I then have to convert back to TRX to withdraw – whereas the big players have presumably worked out a deal to directly sell TRX for fiat/btc or something else?

  19. So if we’ve now seen the Crisis hotline numbers posted AND the price has gone back up again, was that the bottom? I’m not ready for that to have been the bottom, I have a paycheck bonus coming today!

  20. So…. what’s the latest hype? Coin, shitcoin, I don’t care… ready to do some gambling 🙂

  21. I feel sorry for everyone that haven’t found out about crypto yet. It must suck to not be able to lose 50% of your money in a week.

  22. With all that’s going on during the bear market, people will still call us lucky during the bull market.

  23. Good morning before I begin my day just wanna pay respects to all the soldiers and military members that are here or have past. Thank you so much for your service through out the years it truly is appreciated.

    Lest We Forget 🙏

  24. I put in a withdrawal request from BlockFi when the FTX stuff started happening a couple days ago. It went through like an hour before they sent out the email halting withdrawals…

  25. Whats the worst that can happen from day trading? just a few 3% entry exits cant be that bad right ? $100 a day should be easy right..? RIGHT….?

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