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Daily General Discussion - June 29, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 29, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Ethereum’s weekly RSI just hit an all-time low of 27.27. The last time Ethereum got close to these levels was in late 2018. From that 2018 low, Ethereum eventually increased more than +300% from roughly $85 to almost $315 in June 2019. MY EOY PRICE TARGET: $4,000 ETH!!! GLTA!!!

  2. Some of you who own some crypto projects, how do you guys advertise?
    Which channels bring you more clients?
    Were you able to surpass the Google limitations?

  3. Bruh, I just got a DM from some old dude with his shirt off. I think the scammers have evolved into seducing you for your coins.

  4. The rich get richer. Institutions continue to buy BTC during the dip. Microstrategy recently purchased about $10,000,000 worth of BTC.

  5. Hoping I can clutch a nice sub $20K average on BTC.

    I basically got all my crypto goals around last Christmas but more crypto never hurt

  6. In bear market, you should have at least 25% stablecoin. So much better for you mentally.

  7. I’ve generally been happy with Coinbase, but watching wluna pump today and not being able to sell my shitcoins is not helping my mood.

  8. Another pay day today, which means another DCA day.


  9. Web3: Instead of getting ripped off by banks and corporates, you get ripped off by anon influencers, grifters and youtubers.

  10. These 15m candles are insane tbh — the battle for $20k is Oscar-worthy

  11. If you could change one thing about crypto what would it be? For my choice I’m torn between “wouldn’t have lost 5 figures” and “less nazis”.

  12. Play the cards you ve been dealt. We re not going to moon anytime soon. Be patient and set realistic buy targets. Buy on a -30% week not a +30% week.

  13. A British Virgin Islands court ordered the liquidation of Three Arrows Capital Ltd after creditors sued the cryptocurrency hedge fund for failure to repay debts. Do you think these liquidations might trigger further sell-offs in crypto?

  14. ust up 800% in the last 14 days watch out for the dump could be today could be a week from now

  15. There is a dark force behind LUNC , there is something strange about that coin .

    Luna means Moon

    Classic = Class – sick

    A sick class is artificially pumping that coins in order to reach $1 when all planets will perform a linear trajectory

  16. Who is next. All these dumb degenerate gamblers are whale wannabes. They don’t own shit and default like losers.

    Once the dust settles the entire market will be better off. Fuck the kwons zus and Celsius dickheads. They get to fly out and leave others in shambles

  17. Who exactly is selling algo and ada when it’s btc and eth that’s taking a beating? I never understood that

  18. What! Shut up Ryan…drop your money or split the stock and shut the squid up puss boy!

  19. When the manipulators can no longer hold $20k it isn’t going to be pretty.

    Not too late to get out now and save your cash

  20. ive seen this holding pattern before….. it eventually collapses all in one wick -10%

  21. LTC shorts on Bitfinex are at an all-time low today.

    Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it is interesting as to the timing since I’ve been hearing a lot of so called “experts” claiming LTC will be going to single digits soon. You’d think people would be confident in shorting their “expert” predictions.

  22. I wanted to participate in the Monthly Optimist conversation, but in all honesty, I can only be optimistic about half-decade(ly) right now.

  23. I don’t worry about Bitcoin price anymore, cos stressing over what you can’t control is an exercise in futility 🧘‍♂️

  24. Steady Lads – 75 BPS hike here soon , official declaration of a recession & housing crash in coming month(s).

    Hold dry powder don’t buy today – crypto is not going to die but we will not see 30k again for the foreseeable future.

    ANywho, ima go walk my platypi. Mother made egg’d muffins. Pleasant morning here.

  25. What’s up with USTC, pump and dump? Or opportunity to take your gains from – 90% to – 50%?

  26. ​The best thing you can do with stocks/crypto is to not look at your account everyday.

  27. Is there any way to send Link to hardware wallet on some other chain than eth? Binance has apsurd withdrawal fees

  28. I can finally post on here! Been following crypto and this sub since December! So how do you guys get moons?

  29. more weakness again, looking ready to dump below 19k

    eth/btc took major dump. too much delays for merge.

    never chase rallies in this market. everything getting clobbered and will continue to fall.

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