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Daily General Discussion - June 27, 2022 (GMT+0)

49 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 27, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. using kraken – how long after ‘buy’ can i withdraw? about 4 days like coinbase?

  2. using kraken – how long after ‘buy’ can i withdraw? about 4 days like coinbase?

  3. Getting through the bear market by finding BTC maxi posts and responding “Yeah but XMR is better”

  4. Crabbing isn’t good with this ridic amount of long positions. Honestly find it difficult to do anything until they drop about 50% from where we are right now.

  5. Some players are trying so hard to “manually” save 20k by throwing $ in it.
    It’s very different than a buying wall, looks like they have a lot to loose it it goes again under 20k/19K…

  6. I’m thinking of investing in Jupiter. I need honest, rake me over the coals honesty. Do you think it’s a good or bad investment

  7. Maybe the reason why some can’t tip moons(on ios?) is because admins are making, testing important updates before mainnet

    One can hope

  8. Wonder how badly people will freak out once we smash through 20k and retest 17k again

  9. To those of you who believe BTC Maxis about what Gensler said recently, let me expand on that:

    Gensler said that Bitcoin was the only coin he was willing to talk about as a commodity since others are still in litigation. That doesn’t mean BTC will become the only coin labeled as a commodity.

    You can be certain that if BTC is labeled as a commodity, then LTC as well as a handful of other coins will be added to that list.

  10. I’m wondering why this thread is full of aMEHricans that only take US economy into account for macro.
    Did it happen to you guys to hear that we are at the verge of a global collapse due to an unprecedented global hunger crisis? No one gives a shit about the house prices in fucking oregon or whatever. Are you really that stupid in america?

  11. Bang bang LUNAC gang. +60% and 200mil in market cap in 24hrs. Each transaction is burning more tokens. See you at $1.00 when I quit my job and treat my family to a nice dinner at Wendy’s.

  12. Look, the irony of the universe would be laid before my eyes if I make 10k out of LUNC

  13. I have to assume that wluna is going up because of confused people trying to get lunc?

  14. BTC in shambles LUNAC in lambos. 🚀 $1.00 is not a meme, it’s retiring this week

  15. All coins have pairs with btc, as you know, so btc rules the overall market direction.

    The thing is, btc price is not directly correlated with buy/sell pressure of coins but rather futures. At binance btc futures have 10x the volume of the btc/usdt atm…
    It’s the futures that controls the price of btc. An exchange like binance knows exactly how much btc it needs to sell to force a liquidation chain in the futures. If people are only trading leverage (meaning it’s speculation fueling the market) it’s really those who lend the underlying (btc) that controls the the real price

    TLDR: stop leveraging… The coins are not yours and the owner does not want the price to rise to lose money…

  16. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler calling BTC a possible commodity sounds super bullish to me holy shit.
    In a bullrun this would’ve made BTC go crazy.

  17. I have seen a few comments about people getting a whole ETH given it’s a little easier to do so lately with the bear market.

    Anyone want to humble brag about buying a full BTC yet??

  18. “Bitcoin and Ether would be certainly commodities – and that’s agreed upon by Chairman Gensler, as well as the chairman of the CFTC.” GLTA!!!

  19. Stocks already peaked and now they are going down which also means crypto down, good

  20. Moved on from evaluating hosted mining as an option to increase my BTC bag this winter — I couldn’t get the numbers to be favorable with reasonable assumptions and electricity costs >0.04

    Am now trying to figure out the cheapest, easiest way to DCA into BTC using a relatively well-established service (US).

    Obviously looked at some of the CEXs mentioned often here and out of those like Kraken. For the purposes of BTC DCA specifically, I thought Swan Bitcoin looks the best.

    Does anyone have experience with Swan Bitcoin?

  21. The world is so fucked that Gary Gensler tacitly labeled BTC a commodity and it is still is going down. Buy now if you can friends…

  22. Got email from “Google Forms” saying

    >Congratulations! You have scored enough points to participate in a unique project! Check the scores and collect your Bitcoin!


    Does anyone know what this scam is?

  23. A good comment from Trader University on YT

    BlockFi tweets “For many in crypto, it may be their first experience with major market volatiltiy. To help retail investors better understand, our CEO […etc.]”

    That’s awkward coming from a company that is virtually bankrupt and bailed out by FTX…

  24. I hope self-custody remains popular and people don’t just ape into the next round of scammy cefi platforms when the next bull market starts and crazy APYs start getting advertised again.

  25. My CDC earn of USDC ends in 23 hrs. I want to lock it in for another month to get some extra money but I feel like it’s risky and anything could happen at this point

  26. I have been sitting on the sidelines just reading comments on this sub for months now, and one thing is crystal clear:

    With the utmost respect, you’re all a bunch of ****s

    Spreading ****

    Taking pleasure from others ****

    You fill in the blanks.

  27. I thought the bear would be productive for my work but I was dead wrong

  28. The amount of scams in crypto space seems next level.

    quietly buys more ALGO and BTC

  29. At the recommendation of a friend, a family member of mine put $10000+ into a microcap altcoin that, a year later, looks dead. Hell, I even put some money in it too. I suspect that friendship is probably not doing so great 🫤 ☠️

  30. worst thing about my portfolio is that i realized 3k worth of loss this year. with the tax situation in my country, and since i don’t expect gains (unrealized loss is another 5k atm), these losses are good for nothing

  31. Hi crypto bros just want to hear your ideas and opinions about what other good incentives for a student that will take an internship on a Web3 company aside from money and crypto?

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