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Daily General Discussion - June 25, 2022 (GMT+0)

42 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 25, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Whatever the markets do daily, weekly, monthly, I will still be EARNING 0.489 ETH per month.

    After the Merge is completed, I’m expected to EARN at least 1 ETH per month.

    Longer-term, I believe, my staked ETH will be worth 10x!!! GLTA!!!

  2. For those who have access to the CDC Exchange… is CRO used in any capacity there?

  3. I occasionally look through the “hidden” NFTs on opensea when I saw a new domain name that ends in .meta? It was minted only a few hours ago via EDNS (NOT ENS) and it’s a copy of one of my ENS handles (ie john.eth –> john.meta). Does anyone know about this/how long until Facebook sends out its lawyers lol?

  4. If I open both a long and a short at the same time, will the whole universe implode? πŸ€”

  5. Seriously, why hasn’t Harmony ONE dumped by 50% or more after news of the hack? This is fucking ridiculous.

    I am ONE disillusioned MOFO.

  6. ADA was my first investment back in 2018 and somehow it’s still going pretty strong. Holding it just for the sentiment.

  7. I’m assembling the cast for SQUID GAME season 2, so far we have do kwon, Su Zhu, celcius ceo, and Bill hwang

  8. Thinking it might our last chance to exit or best chance to fomo in , in either case you need diamond πŸ’Ž balls

  9. Come on, Harmony, you piece of shit. Dump, you sonofabitch, dump!

    Every other coin dumps by at least 50% when they get hacked, but ONE just crabs as if nothing happened. What the fuck? What. The. Fuck?!

    How long am I going to have to wait for “ONE to $0.01”?

  10. We go below $20k = people start calling for $12k

    Go above $22k = they start calling for $28k

  11. One of my alt coins pumped over 60% today. That allowed me to dispose off a third of my bag at break even price (well, actually a little over). Just glad. Will use the proceeds to buy back to lower my cost and hopefully one day i’ll get to dispose off the whole lot.

  12. @ethlizards the only GameFi DAO, acting as a VC fund focusing on seed investments in the GameFi space. The next big wave 🦎🦎

  13. so realised i havent dyor much these last few years, just starting to dip in.
    1st interesting fact: ATOM has a potentially infinite supply.

  14. Most coin mentions on r/cc (2022-06-24):

    Coin Mentions
    BTC 541
    ETH 326
    ADA 166
    ONE 161
    SOL 153
    USDT 119
    CEL 98
    OP 96
    ALGO 72
    MATIC 65
    MOON 54
    ATOM 54
    USDC 52
    LUNA 52
    XRP 44
    DOT 37
    XMR 35
    LTC 32
    UST 31
    XLM 26

    Data source and app


  15. ETH’s move to POS will take years, if not decades, to complete. And nothing in there addresses the high gas fees.

    Just thought you might like to know.

  16. This sub’s outlook changes radically hilariously easily. Mere days ago this place was more negative than r/buttcoin. Like not just bearish on price action, but actually anti-crypto.

  17. Bottoms in terdbrains. Stop fighting it

    Avg small crypto down 80%

    Nothing but upside dont buy ahittokens but let it ride from here

    Churning muppets out

  18. Can anyone tell me a brief overview of why there is so much FUD with one?

    I think I missed some thing because crypto is moving too quick

  19. So I guess we won’t be getting any more touching stories about how crypto saved an entire village from famine any time soon?

  20. “I started in the stable training ground of FX, graduated to equities, and now compete in the elite volatility of crypto. Macronoobs don’t stand a chance” – Kyle Davies.

    Famous quote of Kyle Davies before blowing up his fund with su Zhu 🌚.

    Narrator: macronoobs stood a chance

  21. DOT under $10 will always be a steal in my opinion especially when your staking it

  22. Guys I just got my new $15k credit card in the mail! Should I put it all on btc or put I all on ETH instead? Only a variable apr of 29%!

    Edit: forgot the /s don’t come for me

  23. Buys low resistance: I’M A GENIUS
    Buys high resistance: I’m in this for the long term

  24. Every time I bring up the fact that ETH has no intention of rectifying their high gas fees, someone inevitably chimes in with the “But, but, muh L2s!”

    Dude, there are L1s out there that don’t rely on L2s for low gas fees. Ethereum is the only L1 that makes it someone else’s problem.

  25. I check on this sub maybe twice a day and the last 4 or 5 times I’ve checked new posts, the story about Cristiano Ronaldo partnering with Binance is one of the new posts. Move on peopleπŸ˜‚

  26. In retrospect, China banning crypto saved a lot of their citizens from getting rekt like the rest of us.

  27. Every week new bullshit in the crypto scene. Meanwhile Bitcoin still producing blocks.

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