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Daily General Discussion - June 24, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 24, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Harmony going to Lambo because that’s what happens when you get hacked but you still exist!

  2. Haven’t been in the daily for months, how’s it going guys?

    I see not a lot has changed… 😅

  3. This is just a relief rally until proven otherwise, don’t get caught up in the green, folks.

  4. BTC





    This isn’t the time in the market to be taking excessive risk and speculating on low cap alts imo

  5. Lol, now I remember why I stopped coming here.

    People say pump when it’s like 3% up after falling 70%

  6. Could anyone elaborate on what will happen to the accounts and coins we have in CB pro? (Regarding the announcement of CB of shutting down CB pro)

  7. Hi everyone, unfortunately I wasn’t notified that the dump was cancelled. Next time could you please me include in the council meetings where pumps and dumps are decided? Thanks in advance.

  8. Backfilling those gaps with this relief rally. I’m expecting a lower low at the end of July.

  9. y’all can keep fearmongering when i’m up an average of 50% on all my buys cause I luckily bought the bottom. already took some profit just in case though, though i regret it cause we’re probably on an uptrend from now on

  10. Apparently, we’re in a recession where people are supposedly struggling to pay their living expenses and put food on the table.

    But they have enough money to splurge on alts. Go figure.

    Recession, my ass.

  11. Most coin mentions on r/cc (2022-06-23):

    Coin Mentions
    BTC 842
    ETH 342
    ADA 144
    SOL 117
    USDC 110
    OP 95
    USDT 93
    CEL 81
    MATIC 78
    MOON 76
    ALGO 51
    ATOM 46
    XMR 45
    LUNA 43
    DOGE 32
    DAI 31
    BUSD 31
    XRP 26
    UST 26
    LTC 24

    Data source and app


  12. Day 1: 10% green after falling 79% is not a start of the bull run!

    Day 100: OMG a new ATH! I wish prices were lower so I could buy cheap!

  13. Has anyone else noticed their gas isn’t getting them as far as it used to? These fucks really diluting fuel and raising prices simultaneously. Also go bitcoin for relevance

  14. When I saw my phone’s alert that ETH just went above $1200, I came here to see the “I don’t trust this pump” comments. Weirdly enough there doesn’t seem to be that many.

    Is the sub finally reversing to bullishness again? 🤔

  15. Apparently news is that due to weak economic data, market is pricing in recession.

    So we go from fear of inflation to fear of recession.

    Why fear of recession = stonks up? -> because it might mean Fed can’t deliver all the tightening they said they would when the economy was doing fine. Might even go back to stimulus at some point. It’s the situation of “bad news is good news” we have seen in 2020

    Whether or not this keeps going is, if we start getting CPI prints lower and lower.

  16. Considering this hack, harmony one is still holding strong. I would have expected a bigger drop by now.

  17. So my bullish look on SCRT is the fact that it can have encrypted smart contracts.

    Are there any other solution to this that would make SCRT obsolete?

    I haven’t been following developments in the space lately

  18. BTC is same price as yesterday but Nasdaq 3% higher. if market falls 4% again, btc will be back to 17k easily. You are getting 3-4x the downside and maybe .5% of upside.

  19. The 17k dump was a great place to start buying. Maybe you’ll get better prices, maybe not. All I know is that the prices today are going to seem like incredible opportunities in the not-too-distant future.

  20. i love how much this place shits on solana https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FWBf7eiXkAAyHw0?format=png&name=4096×4096 except its strength against btc and eth on the daily has been wild.

  21. I love how buying a whole Eth isn’t even really like big decision to make anymore. I don’t even like Eth much but I couldn’t resist buying one. 🤷‍♂️

  22. Excited to be part of the next bullrun. The mother of all bullruns as it will mark the realization of true adoption. gif

  23. How recession happen
    – Market pumps hard
    – everything becomes overvalued
    – we become rich very fast
    – inflation goes crazy high
    – market starts dropping
    – we are now less rich
    – we start spending less
    – money flow stops
    – less money for businesses = less jobs
    = Recession ‼️

  24. Ohh were close to 1 trillion again and moons at least back to 5cents ish ? Nice lets hope we keep going in that direction 😛

  25. My MAC fan has been running like crazy the last few months…have been tearing my hair out trying to figure out which program is causing it. it’s got to be those cpu and memory intensive audio and video software I’m using right???…turns out is Brave Browser. I stop using it and now everything is just peachy again WTF. Oh well guess no more free BAT for me 🙂

  26. Havent been able to send moons anywhere for a good second because of a snag. Anyone know why?

  27. Pfff fakeass pump before the weekend, get the hell outta here with that bullshit 🥱

  28. lol we’re back in weak mode. bitcoin is like the weak force or gravity. stocks are like nuclear force

  29. Even with a pump we’re still in the discount zone. We got a lot of progress to make. Keep stacking

  30. Well this is going to be embarrassing if we start crashing while the NASDAQ is up 2.5% for the day.

  31. Wall Street journal reported SBF is in talks to acquire blockfi… SBF acquiring everything is bad for crypto imo.

  32. It’s very possible that y’all missed the bottom and we crab at these levels for the foreseeable future.

    The macro economic turmoil could be “priced in” at this point. Many have been scared off already. The remaining are those who are in it for the long haul.

    But what do I know. I’m just guessing like everyone else here (including the people who guess we’ll drop further).

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