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Daily General Discussion - June 23, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 23, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Bank of England: Crypto crash survivors could become tomorrow’s Amazons and eBays.

    Think Ethereum!!! The Amazon of Information.


  2. Friendly reminder that in the last two recessions (housing market and .Com bubble), the S&P 500 averaged 65%+ drop from its high. It’s at 23% now. Crypto will be affected if stocks drop another 40%.

  3. Can’t stand all this scummy 20 something year old”s (older fucks do it too) reporting ‘fraud’ to their financial institutions involving all their failed crypto ‘investments’ / purchases. I deny them with a big smile on my face.

  4. > You can’t time the bottom so don’t even try. Just DCA

    Everyone says this but the implication is that the bottom comes and goes super quickly whereas in reality things trade along the bottom for quite some time after true capitulation. With patience the bottom reveals itself to you and gives you lots of opportunity to capitalize.

  5. People see ATOM as a low utility token because it allows projects to own their own blockchain/app-chain using the
    cosmos SDK

    Well, ICS will change the game, your staked atom can earn multiple tokens from the consumer chains that rents security from cosmos hub

  6. ATOM and the Cosmos ecosystem is the light in the tunnel. Interchain security is coming.

  7. You can’t time the bottom BUT we are nowhere near the bottom as long as macros haven’t changed. Those who bought after these fake pumps, you’ll miss out on opportunities when the real bottom comes (50% down of current MCs is how you know, based on some credible sources, I’ll leave it to you to DYOR)

    Also, I’d wait to see if the market recovers sustainably after the bottom before I sink any capital just in case this really is THE END of crypto

  8. Time to get off CoinBase:

    “Starting on June 27, Coinbase will introduce some changes required by local regulations. Specifically, when you send crypto outside of Coinbase, we are required to ask you for the name and physical address of the recipient and the purpose of transfer…….which is a requirement under Dutch regulations.”

    Not sure if this is the case for other EU countries, but they should inform you about this.

    Anyway, not your key, not your crypto.

  9. Shake your magic 8 ball a few more times and tell me what’s happening next, with a straight face.

  10. Has anyone else noticed that XRD radix seems to inverse BTC 9/10 times. If BTC pumps XRD dumps and vice versa. If I had bigger balls I’d try just swapping back and forth for a few days

  11. Just had to pays €3,7k to change my heater. Damn watching those prices is painful when you’re out of cash 😔

  12. I get paid $1200 per month to study by the goverment, what crypto do I put a portion of it in?

  13. Any of you buttcoin sub haters in here? Where do you losers find the time to spew so much hate?

  14. How do you guys feel about gem hunting? Do you guys feel it would be worth it looking at small cap 2mm-15m altcoins to try and get in early on something that could end up big in 5-6 years?

  15. Voyager lowers daily withdrawal limits from $25k to $10k….

    Not looking good for them.

  16. Does the sub turn into this at every crash? There is so much crypto hate in the sub right now.

  17. Hey BAT people, my country is banned from Gemini, and now also from Uphold

    There’s any other way to get my rewards from Brave Browser?

  18. Hey folks

    Did anyone get past the Morse Code stage?

    I have been stuck on it for 36 hours now & a little help/clue will be appreciated.

  19. What’s your moon karma multiplier ? 0.3 for me. I’m a bad person. I used moons a lot last year to add to my Atom bag. I didn’t think it would catch up with me but here we are.

  20. Voyagers coin (vgx) is now worth more than the actual company

    The company is worth $115M

    Vgx coin is worth $148M

  21. Anybody here playing rocket league? I usually lose interest in games pretty fast these days but there is some dark magic in rocket league. It’s so addictive, I play 1s exclusively on competitive mode and every game feels like a war for honor lmao. It triggers the best and worst emotions, so reminds me of holding crypto 😆 I’m wondering what if people could upload their crypto and gamble with opponents, if I win I get double my staked Ethereum for example and vice versa.

  22. I was late for football practice so the coach made me run 2 laps because of it. The coach is my dad. He drove me to the football practice.

  23. Damn what a rally on Polygon… couple weeks ago ADA flipped it by price and now it’s 10% ahead

  24. Yesssss finally hit my 1 eth goal. Last 3 days I’ve been watching this crabbing and have carefully executed some trades sold when there was little pump and bought back when it contracted by about $30-$40. Converted my 0.91 eth to full one. I shall now retire from trading because I know I’ll mess it up when I get greedy.

  25. What are people so upset about?

    You can still buy a whole house with a single ethereum,

    the price is still really high.

  26. THIS JUST IN: 3AC liquidated $50M worth of ETHE pre-market. We are likely to have hit bottom with respect to ETH. GLTA!!!

  27. Most coin mentions on r/cc (2022-06-22):

    Coin Mentions
    BTC 1054
    ETH 424
    ADA 133
    SOL 121
    USDT 98
    CEL 82
    XRP 73
    ALGO 71
    USDC 67
    OP 67
    LUNA 56
    MOON 54
    MATIC 54
    LRC 42
    DOT 41
    ATOM 36
    UST 35
    BTG 35
    BCH 31
    DOGE 30

    Data source and app


  28. Hows the moon hunt going, did anyone solve morse bitconnect video,

    Whoever solves that deserves all the moons

  29. Nobody:

    Literally nobody:

    Some CoinBase user: “Regulate us harder daddy!”

    Tip of the day: Avoid any exchange that requires to know the name & residential address of the receiver + the purpose of the transfer.

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