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Daily General Discussion - June 21, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 21, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. My worthless prediction is most cryptos will shed these few days’ gains within 72 hours.

  2. Markets green btc is amount to pump, eat your non existent hearts out team buttcoiner

  3. anyone having trouble buying polygon / MATIC on coinbase? keep getting errors, so damn annoying.


    edit: nm used pro anyways and that worked

  4. Toilet thought: Is Celsius pumping because most of the CEL tokens are currently locked and unable to be dumped?


  5. Kevin O’Leary says in order to see a bottom we need a leveraged big player to go to zero. Who would that might be? Saylor? Celsius? Luna? Ben Cowen? my wife’s husband?

  6. Egg mcmuffin eaten✔️
    Gun loaded ✔️
    Camo hat on ✔️
    Flag up ✔️
    Sell button pressed ✔️

  7. Is this dump before a pump? Or a dump dump?

    Or is it dump before WALL Street open?

  8. I thought crypto will crash 90% today. Now I’m unsure. To be fair maybe I’m really biased towards crypto because I could have brought at 100 usd several years ago, but did not due to FUD.

    So yeah maybe I’m an idiot.

  9. Guys someone just send me 0.09trx to my binance exchange account.. Do I need to be worried? Can they scam me now somehow? What do I do?

  10. DOGE and SHIB are up? Looks like whales are taking profits before the market dumps hard again

  11. This market feels like 2018 all over again but this time… Without the stress, I had money in my portfolio I was not willing to lose. I was a mess checking my phone constantly and I had friends telling me I was not fun to hang out with. I was trying to time the market and catch a falling knife… Buying more and more of a falling coin to make my money back.

    This time I’m slowly DCA’ing into my portfolio and we will see the outcome 🙂

  12. There are over 741 (as of 2021) hedge funds, I wonder if 3AC is just the tip of the iceberg.

    People thought it was retail throwing their stimulus checks into the market, when it was most likely hedge funds plowing in all the capital. So how many other funds are over-leveraged or beginning to unwind positions.

  13. Retail can’t help themselves for buying the top, of the fear of missing out, and selling the bottom of the fear of losing everything. It doesn’t matter how many times we tell you. If you sold Bitcoin after 75% correction from ATH, investing isn’t for you buddy.

  14. I still think BTC has a good chance for $10k… but the 4 year / 200 week MA kinda looks like it held if the price action was only below it for a little bit. That with all the extremely negative sentiment has me at least going for a short term bounce, but if inflation reverses much quicker than people are thinking, that could just have the bounce go into a more dovish Fed for a sustained bounce.

    Crypto also needs to prove it doesn’t need a dovish Fed to survive.

  15. I hate that I’m wondering if the BAYC is an elaborate troll perpetrated by nazis and I hate that it makes me think that if it’s true it will probably only make them more popular. My least favorite thing about crypto is the disproportionate amount of alt right fuck bois in the space.

  16. Everyone was calling for $100K when we unloaded back at $60k

    Now everyone is calling for crazy low numbers while we’re already back above $20k

    I’m just buying the dip.

  17. Does anyone have anymore info about rumors FTX bailed out big players at risk to stabilize crypto ecosystem?

  18. The urge to buy when things are green and the reluctancy to buy when they’re red.

  19. Just found out about the Strike App for Bitcoin, absolutely incredible. No fees and instant transfers! Anyone else use it? Loving it so far.

  20. I am very annoyed at the moment ,

    My spare money was my crypto money , that was money after traditional bank savings ,

    UK petrol has increased massively, my gas bill has increased massively and it’s all eating into the crypto money .

    Can a man just get some more Eth

  21. Interesting that some L1 alts are now outperforming ETH YTD.

    Feel sorry for those that sold all their alts and plowed into ETH at a relative loss after the first drop a month or so back.

  22. I currently have $3k Fiat I forgot about sitting in Coin Base. Please shill me your based-est shitcoin to go all-in on. Thanks.

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