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Daily General Discussion - June 20, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 20, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. At least we’re currently hitting some ATH on a chart : https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=bitcoin%20dead 🤣

  2. What are y’all doing ?
    I’m watching the charts at the fiat mine. I still have another 40 minutes until I can leave and get skin cancer due to the hot weather outside …

  3. ALGO uses governance to improve the ecosystem

    SOL uses governance to control wallets from selling


  4. Tried to post this but apparently someone already has even though I can’t find it. Really good video exploring the nazi dogwhistles and racist tones of BAYC https://youtu.be/XpH3O6mnZvw wanted to see what you all think. I had seen some of the examples in this video but this guy compiled a damning set of evidence.

  5. Like clockwork

    -Lose support at 40/30/20 k and drop 2-3k below.

    -Rally back above the resistance to trap in some more wojaks.

    -Drop 10k


    There is no way there is no manipulation or fuckery going on here

  6. The only thing sadder than waiting for 100k Bitcoin is the stock people waiting for moass

  7. Inflation is at a really weird spot right now. A lot of prices are coming down or stabilizing. It could be due to interest rates kicking in, demand destruction, or both. The outcome of that variable is going to play a huge role in how bad things get.

  8. Korea’s financial crimes unit has reportedly blocked Terra developers from leaving the country

  9. THIS JUST IN: Tether says it is preparing a full audit with a top 12 firm to provide more transparency on its USDT reserves. GLTA!!!

  10. now i understand satoshi didn’t want to be known by his true identity. some folks would probably say some stupid things to her in a bear market

  11. UPDATE: I’m currently long-term 162.00 ETH, 150 of which are currently staked at 3.67% APR in ETH2 rewards, and HODL 2030 to the richest!!! GLTA!!!

  12. at what price point would btc be over? below 8k? below 500 bucks? below a dollar?

  13. Just in: All 6 Solana nodes vote to temporarily halt chain after developers’ only copy of Blockchain for Dummies goes missing.

  14. Charles Hoskinson did an interview with Bitboy???


    Hahahahah. Two scammers that deserve each other.


  16. Repeat after me: until ppl think it will never go up anymore its not the bottom.

  17. i don’t think it will but if btc reaches $12k I’m going all in long 2x leverage

  18. Don’t know what to do. Hold little bag of ADA and don’t know if I should swap it for FTM

  19. Bottom was 17.6
    we will crab fo a bit. Dip down close again of course. You do you but I’m accumulating.

  20. What happened to the celsius megathread?

    Kind of want to see it all go down

  21. The bottom on ETH is in, in my humble opinion. Take it or leave it. Therefore, I just bought 3 more ETH for $3500 in cash (unlevered). Not long ago (April this year), ETH was at about $3500. Now I get 3 ETH for the price of 1 ETH ;-)) What a deal!!! Stack (BTFDs), stake and HODL ETH to the richest!!! GLTA!!!

  22. How to choose the best exchange for trading:

    1. Do not pick the exchange with the best features, the highest liquidity, rock-solid security, an API, their own blockchain(s), etc. Oh no, don’t pick that one. It’s centralized crap.

    2. Instead, pick the exchange that has spent the most on marketing. E.g. an exchange that spent all their money advertizing during the super bowl and is now laying off staff. Bonus points if they spent even more money on say, Matt Damon, to promote their products. Yes, pick that one.


  23. This is crazy. If you bought some of the alts from prices two days ago you would have some gains on your portfolio now.

  24. Imagine selling your Eth at $895 yesterday morning cos you wanted to buy back at $500 🤭

  25. Is POW consensus fundamentally flawed? If miners are the ones making decisions on future upgrades, surely they will look at implementing features that maximise their profits. This means trying to increase fees as much as possible, thoughts?

  26. Yay we are in the green! All the reasons why crypto was tanking is suddenly not an issue anymore. Only bulls now.

  27. Unpopular opinion : we have hit local lows, cos most people here have turned maxi bears and expect us to keep going lowers and one question I keep asking myself is when has retails ever gotten what they wanted?

  28. It’s the first time I am enjoying a Monday, green charts, green nature & this smell of rain. I love this

  29. Saw this in a thread talking about “who is the next ETH killer” and I’m adding this to my responses from here on: Remember folks: there is no killer to any coin but itself

  30. What percentage of the 10k users on right now are bots? It doesn’t seems like that many actual users are participating.

  31. Other than going bullish on btc and eth, what other coins are you guys eyeing in the current market movement.
    And why?

    I’ve been disconnected from the crypto community for a while and this bear run got me really excited. I want to know whats up in the crypto world currently

    Which coin you guys think is going to perform well after the bear market?

  32. Bear markets is when we are happy about the prices we were sad about few days ago.

  33. Got another email today saying that I have won 0.28 BTC, before that I had already won 0.7 BTC in something that I never participated in

    See ya never again poor’s, have fun staying poor 😎.


  34. If anyone is surprised by all this green, nothing goes up or down in a straight line.
    When things are crashing, the market makers behind the exchanges are gladly taking in those sell orders and building long positions against them, and when the time is right, unleash their massive liquidity to move the prices in the opposite direction and rake in all the money of the late shorters as well.
    It’s all a game where chasing the peak or bottom of moves gets the most people rekt.

  35. I always seem to do the opposite of what the market is doing. Buying BTC and just HODL seems to be the stress free crypto way

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