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Daily General Discussion - June 19, 2022 (GMT+0)

48 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 19, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. OK I read all this hopium comments all the way down from 40k , give us a real reason(s) not everyone smoking good stuff like you do 😀

  2. Wow Bulls are holding strong.

    We might see a break back above 20k after all!

  3. Break thru 50k: panic

    Next day: ok this is the new normal

    Break thru 38k: panic

    Next day: ok this is the new normal

    Break thru 20k: panic

    Next day: ok this is the new normal

  4. Call me stupid or fuckin genius! Withdrew all my 401k and Roth to go into bitcoin. I’m 34 and it’s worth it to me. If I’m right then this is some generational wealth.

  5. Relief rally or not, shows me that there is no way crypto is going to zero like the buttcoiners on here like to say

  6. The first governance proposal on Solend (Aave/Comp on SOL) is to force liquidate a whale who overleveraged and refuses to exit their position.

    The governance proposal passed because a different whale controlled 95% of the voting power.

    Defi is great.

  7. Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there in crypto land 🎉I told my kids all I want for Father’s Day are Moons😊they said “what are you talking about Dad?”

  8. Majority here still calls for lower lows, sweating about this pump, and that’s a huge bottom signal for me.

  9. Without this crash i would never be able to buy a whole eth, now i am a proud eth wholecoiner for 950€ xD

  10. Maybe now that people realize they won’t get rich quick anytime soon we can go back to giving a shit about decentralization, censorship resistance, transparency, etc.

  11. Tomorrow when stock market futures open green, we’re going on relief rally. Shorters and bottom sellers will have a bad day.

  12. Over the last few days, crypto watchers have been captivated by two large wallets that appear to be linked, that contain $181 million in ether (ETH). They also have collateral in loans that are right on the edge of solvency.

    Most of the debts are on the money market Aave (152,098.98 ETH worth $166 million at the time of writing, but the rest is on Compound (14,316.90 ETH worth $15.6M).

    Why it matters: If the price of ether falls further, these debts will be liquidated, unleashing a gush of ether onto the market, which will drive the price of ether down even further.

    The moral of the story is:



    I’m currently long-term 162 ETH, 150 of which are currently staked at 3.67% APR in ETH2 rewards. I’ll continue to stack (BTFD), stake and HODL ETH to 2030 to riches!!! GLTA!!!

  13. Great to see Elon is supporting crypto again. This is very bullish. Bottom is in.

  14. Who here has shorts open?

    Sentiment check to see how greedy everyone was

    Not sure how high we’ll rally retail shorting is a good bottom signal, whales shorting tends to be important but they’re usually ahead of the curve

  15. I can’t help but feel that if there were more actual real life use cases then perhaps this whole situation would have been averted or at least controlled to some extent. Enough of the whole technology talk, enough of the whole ape , gorilla and dumb 8 bit art sales, no more defi this and decentralized that, no more new tokens!!! lets just focus on creating real life use cases for what we currently have. This whole situation has really showed the crypto industry for what it is, a fucking paper tiger and until use cases are created, I am afraid the industry might just go up in flames.

    FYI – Bullshit NFT gaming isn’t a real life use case!

  16. Have to admit blocking a lot of people based on a specific flair made this daily way more enjoyable gif

  17. You know it’s a bear market fr when Elon Musk tweets can’t move the market anymore.

  18. Yeah sure do a dead cat jump when I short instead of long for the first time this bear market

  19. Is it safe to keep my crypto on a dex like AlgoFi given the current situation? I know it’s different than a Cex but I still wonder.

  20. Funny how the consensus now is that the ONLY reason that Crypto went up in March 2020 was because the Fed lowered Interest Rates.

    However, nobody here seems to have actually bought in March 2020. Almost like everybody is a genius after the fact.

    Wouldn’t be shocked if see a massive Crypto pump for another “Obvious” reason soon – In hindsight as well of course.

  21. This coming week should be interesting to say the least. I could see a significant relief/dead cat bounce, only to be sold off the following day or 2. But I honestly don’t know shit about fuck so, carry on🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. So… buttcoiners really expect an echo chamber / circle jerk in here ? I think it’s been only memes and jokes since the very first big dip in January lmao

  23. am i the only one who is super bearish since January and still am ? imo we go low low low like 2018 low

  24. Welp. Buy at 0.0025 ckb. Thats a strong milestone. And another at 0.001 if ever. Lock em and throw away the key. Seems to be my plan for the time being.

  25. I wish I invested more with Lofty Ai. It has outperformed pretty much anything in 2022.

  26. Never been into leverage and wont ever be. Can someone explain in simple terms, can you leverage a coin going down? I mean can you bet on it going lower tonmake money?


    I had Beecoin installed for over a year. what do I do?

    So I just found out after a year of having the bee coin app on my phone that it’s fake and a scam and doesn’t do anything (ik I’m stupid for just figuring it out now). I read that it steals ur data, and since it’s been on my phone for more than a year, I’m not sure how much data they’ve stolen. I don’t know what information they could have. Banking? Passwords? How do I know? What do I do? Also I use android if that makes a difference (idek if Apple has it)

  28. BTC is going up because margin is being liquidated and people are buying to cover to keep from losing their ass lol. The market isnt pumping.

  29. Seems like every time I DCA, I hear that Jim Cramer sound effect, “Sell Sell Sell!” and crypto drops more

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