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Daily General Discussion - June 17, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 17, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. I just pulled all my btc that was yielding 3% off of voyager and into my hard wallet. I’m not risking these exchanges going down. Highly recommend you do the same.

  2. Not buying until below 10k BTC.

    DCA is overrated, if you buy when it’s even lower instead, you gain more.

  3. I’m about to put a bunch of my portfolio into a cold storage wallet from Coinbase as they’re not looking super stable as a company these days.

    My question is, when I want to get cash out of my cold wallet, how can I do that? Do I always have to go through a cex like Coinbase? Or are there other ways?

    I’m mainly worried about cex’s halting withdrawals at the same time that I want to sell crypto for cash.

  4. To those of us who are heavily invested in altcoins and down 90% + what’s the best thing to do right now, sell and convert to btc or leave if for a few years and hope the project recovers.

  5. In a way, Bitcoin is anti-inflationary. While gas and food prices are through the roof. Bitcoin has decreased significantly in price.

  6. Why I get an error when sending moon? “Can’t load data…” is this solana network?

  7. After brutal selloff yesterday today there’s a ton of options expiry going into an extended stonk market weekend, could be some volatile green across the board with a dump into the close.
    Source: trust me bro, it’s the best I’ve got

  8. RIP 3AC : https://twitter.com/Crypto_McKenna/status/1537768257234649091?s=20&t=XEplvvw-cFohf2Zwsn4ksg

  9. So Babel finance liked what Celsius was doing with the withdrawal freezing and a decided to do it too…

  10. When exchanges freeze withdrawals does this does it apply to only your crypto or even the fiat in your wallet?

  11. Most people calling for $15k are going to change their target to $10k if we actually get close to $15k.

  12. Accounting for inflation, we are already below 2017’s ATH. So relax, the whole “has never gone below its previous ATH” is over

  13. I just bought about 0.9145 ETH for $1000 in cash at the rate of $1088.52 ETH. I’m buying a little by little (be patience!!!), on my way to 200 ETH for long-term staking. I’m currently long-term 159.87 ETH, staked and HODL to 2030 to richest!!! ;-)) GLTA!!!

  14. Have said it before so I’ll say it again.

    Bitcoins true bottom has yet to reveal itself

  15. Back in 2012 (maybe 2013?) there was a few months there where I was buying…..things…..on the Silk Road. You had to use BTC for this and the few hundred or so dollars I spent was worth something like 2.1 million dollars at ATH price. I had a lot of fun with said…..things……but 2 MILLION dollars worth? Nah 🤣

  16. If we went to 10k, guarantee there will still be someone in here saying, “this isn’t even close to the bottom yet.”

  17. Turns out you can’t send moon whenever you want , there is error and error is red flag for crypto, I’m trying for 30 minutes:(

  18. People when BTC hits all time high: I wish I bought at 20k

    People when BTC dumps to 20k: …

  19. What in few hours in the ama of cel they explain that the whole plan to rescue their company was to long their asset fucking shorters on ftx and it worked?

    Because I can’t find any other explanation for that chart. Even with all the Liquidity locked.

  20. The winners may get to write the history books, but the degens get to shit post in the daily.

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