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Daily General Discussion - June 15, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 15, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. I feel like I’ve been accumulating arcade tickets and all I can afford right now is an eraser that smells funny

  2. I wonder what moons will be trading at in 30 years. Hopefully a lot because as far as leaving a legacy for my daughter goes, well….I hope she likes reddit moons and a disturbing internet search history.

  3. As soon as u/dreampopgazer opened the short position at 20,200$ I knew we touched the rock bottom. Reddit (read as retail) always buys the top and shorts the bottom

  4. THIS JUST IN: Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy teeing up another $500,000,000 Bitcoin buy at these levels. Bottom is in? We shall see… GLTA!!!

  5. So many comments asking the same question. We should have a sticky at the top of this daily for what time the fed announcement is in different timezones for example 2pm ET, 7pm UK time.

  6. People who thought Dogecoin will hit 1$ in 2021. also thought that we’ll surely hit 19k today. I told you guys bottom is in.

  7. Everyone, don’t panic… just pour all your money into Tether now… safe as houses.

  8. i swear on me mum mate i will not buy anything during bullrun, only icecream and cheeseburger

  9. How exactly is Justin Sun withdrawing tens of millions of dollars “safeguarding the crypto industry”


    He’s taking the money and running.

    Never trust anyone who calls themselves his Excellency

  10. Man that Buttcoin sub is weird. I think its great to be critical and weed out scams, but wanking to red charts and having a party if BTC dips below 20k is weird stuff man.

  11. C’mon guys, if you keep pulling out all of your money from tether… what’s that going to do to everyone else in crypto ? Market cap has now lost $6 Bil USD. Be responsible… stay invested in Tether.

  12. I find the following to be a less stressful way of looking at things… We have approximately 689 days to next btc halving which means we have 689 days to accumulate. We don’t need to buy everything now and just be patient. Buy whenever you have the opportunity and forget about it or stake it somewhere “safe”.

  13. With all this talk of liquidation I wonder if newbies here think people are literally being turned into some sort of goo by a cabal of evil hedge funds.

  14. Imagine sitting here and investing in crypto this morning during the start of a crypto winter, a major economic announcement, start of a probable recession, and most importantly the main asset btc has proven to be no more than a storage. I’m in.

  15. Welcome to today’s world of investing: The blg guys get the big bucks and.the little guys get fuc***.

  16. 5,000,000 members of this forum; must be all the new joiners from buttcoin or technology…

  17. Why is it not possible that that wasn’t the bottom? It feels like capitulation to me

  18. If you have to sell your Tether, just hold 1 more week for all of your mates here….

  19. If you’re an Algo Governor and haven’t voted yet you have 3 hours left!! Just a reminder 😎

  20. BTC may be a scam. But that’s not the question I care about. Will it go up again..

  21. Exactly 200 days ago this sub surpassed 4M subs, and now we passed 5M! Congrats and welcome to the red wedding!

  22. Can’t believe VCs actually got rekt with normies in this cycle, so who made all the profits?

  23. BTC is being a little tease with 20k right now. Seems everyones in a holding pattern until the Fed meeting is over

  24. Is someone keeping a list for us of all them buttcoiners so we can slap them with our insane profits in a few years?

  25. I find these fake mini rallies to be depressing. It’s a facade and gives the naive false hope. It’s the nature of the game, though. Stock market is dealing with the exact same thing right now.

  26. Imagine all the vc fund unlocks that are coming out from their vested funds. They’re gonna have to instadump them. Thinking avax is screwed due to the 3ac collapse

  27. I never really used coinbase, plan to even less now. Fuck coinbase and its CEO for firing over a thousand people and only having them find it out when they couldnt access their work email anymore

  28. I am fine copping this on the chin. Better bang for my buck when I accumulate throughout this bear market. I’d just spend my money on more bass guitars anyway.

  29. I’m so depressed because ETH is almost under $1000 but I have no cash and I’m already heavily invested in ETH

  30. Only good thing about this crash is that we are seeing what services are legit and don’t buckle under market pressure

  31. I seem to have gotten 77 moons from someone, last week. I haven’t got a clue why or from whom. But thank you, whoever you are.

  32. Even if Buttcoiners never spend money on Crypto, it lives rent free in their heads

  33. Always pumping half an hour before US markets open just to dump after it.
    Makes no sense…

  34. It hurts getting liquidated on my TRX short but I got too greedy and started playing with high leverage. Shorts must get rekt at some point but I’m still up on my trading bag and will take a break from futures!

  35. I see ETH could go parabolic with some good news… Im not missing out on these prices.

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