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Daily General Discussion - June 13, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 13, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. Has anyone checked on Michael Saylor? I’m worried he may try to hurt himself.

  2. Kind reminder to move your funds from the exchange to your own wallet.

    Only keep it there if you are planning to sell it right away.

    This ensures that you do own your coins and not someone else & that you won’t sell in a random panic moment.

  3. Too many Bear’s out here spreading unnecessary fear, have your little fun Bears but don’t worry the Bulls will have the last laugh!

  4. Binance probably regretting having 100x margin trading on Bitcoin and other shitcoins. Probably have a million people shorting the crap out of it.

  5. Anyone here has a job for me, I need to pay my next rent and feed a dog

    I do not accept crypto payments. please pm

  6. I made a small leveraged short play because there’s nothing else to do 🤷‍♀️

  7. Listen up everyone! Cramer is bashing crypto live on CNBC right now…we’re good pump incoming!

  8. Keep your heads up! We’ll get that bull run someday. Things are going to get a little ugly but we’ll come out on the other side when things settle down in the world.

  9. I didn’t buy much of Harmony ONE and even averaged down a bit.. and I’m still down 80% lmao

  10. Im going to set a buy limit at a high price of 900 for ETH even tho i know its prolly going to 700 soon or less.

  11. The guy who brought me into Crypto said that Bear markets are very important for 4 Things :

    1. To help you Grow (give you time to research and learn more about Crypto & how things work)

    2. To shake out Tourists (paper hands)

    3. To filter out bad projects who aren’t sustainable

    4. To give you enough time to buy coins you beleive in at a very hefty discount

  12. If this is “the day to move off of exchanges”, and the day of the “not your keys not your crypto”

    and assuming you don’t live in fucking El Salvador or Central Africa Republic or Paraguay or Jamaica

    then how do you ever plan to cash out?

  13. I hate reading “the bank run on Celsius is caused by the FUD”

    No. The run is caused by fractional reserve, so that you don’t have enough liquidity.

    This is why banks have a central bank, because otherwise fractional reserve inevitably fails in a bank run.

  14. This is the time i wish i joined Buttcoin before reading about Crypto here

  15. Just some weeks ago degen me bought ONE & ROSE.. Fukks wrong with me 😛

  16. Is this crash solely due to the Celsius news? Never seen crypto this low in my lifetime (1 year)

  17. Relax

    Breathe out

    Now you can say it again with no pressure from community

    Eth IS altcoin

  18. What’s a good wallet for storing Bitcoin? Cold storage is optimal, but are there luke warm (reliable) digital wallets?

    I’m thinking of taking this opportunity to stack sats, since it’s a really good entry point into Bitcoin, and I can emphasis enough I do not keep anything on exchanges.

  19. Has Michael Saylor bought he Bitcoin on Margin or Spot ? And If Margin, Why ? is he an idiot or what ?

  20. Can anyone please recommend best android wallets. Want to move all my funds off cex

  21. I haven’t tried to catch the falling knife, not even once, mostly cause I’m broke now

  22. What shall i do with my maker vault? Cash out now and pay off debt or keep adding to my cdp to avoid taxes?

  23. The Twitter user who predicted Celsius is now on record saying that SAND is likely to dump today after VC funds get unlocked. Play safely you degenerates.

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