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Daily General Discussion - June 11, 2022 (GMT+0)

50 thoughts on “Daily General Discussion – June 11, 2022 (GMT+0)”

  1. If anyone needs a distraction from the charts, I highly recommend the trailer for the upcoming Hindi remake of Forrest Gump.

  2. Holding my longs… I think im getting greedy with the dips. It’s either this is the bottom or we go lower.

  3. ETH going below $1000. This 2.0 bullshit won’t save it from a massive shit of a macro economy. Inflation is at 8.6% and gas is through the roof. Aint no one got money to buy. Real talk.

  4. sell you paperhands, sell for the infinite fiat shit paper that happens to buy bread

  5. You can tell whales are selling off the alts to try to maintain btc from completely destroying cryptos future.

  6. Putting all my coins into liquidity pools and then shorting that value has been a great way to preserve my value and still get 10-20%. Once we hit a lower number I am happy with, I will close the short. Would have been down 70+%. Something I wished did last bear cycle.

  7. Man I’m going to be so damn wealthy in the next bull run.

    If there is another bull run, that is.

  8. That’s why you shouldn’t get hooked on narratives. Remember the hedge against inflation, ultrasound money, triple halvening and all that jazz?

    Narratives are mostly propaganda to make you buy and hold blindly

  9. Once people realise that the era of “cheap money” is over and you can stick your cash in the bank and get 5% return, BTC and crypto is going down massively.

    BTC benefited from the Fed’s cheap money. That is ending. BTC has never existed in an environment of rising rates and MASSIVE QT.

  10. You want fries with that? Just practicing in case I need to take on a second job

  11. Money is just a paper anyways, now excuse me while I’ll cry in the corner.

  12. I’m just glad I didn’t get a loan to buy crypto or sell a house or something like that. Imagine that.

    I invested only my money and it might have been the stupidest idea ever (more likely) or the best (less likely rn), time will tell

  13. Was walking around Time Square last night and everyone where I looked were larger than life adds for NFTS. That whole please smells of weed and urine these days. Instagram influencer’s playing in traffic “it is a sight to behold”

  14. Just get out now and (maybe) buy back in after Powell has jacked up rates to 4% or something and decided to stop.


    Holding now is foolish.

  15. Hey Micro Strategy, if you read this. My deepest condoleances on your last loan and BTC buy 😆

  16. NA woke up, time to buy. And, as usual, I already bought because I keep repeating to myself “it cannot happen every time, this time will be different!”

  17. Man I got in at the top last May.
    Thank God I got out with a profit in time and do not need to hold bags on these “dips”.

  18. Welp we just blew through the “low limit” order I placed for the weekend

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