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45 thoughts on “[Daily Discussion] – Tuesday, January 04, 2022”

  1. Update from yesterday. Bulls held off the bears at the gate overnight. Looking to break up now.


    first target 49k

  2. I see the Bogdanoff twins shuffled off the mortal coil over the past few days 😢

    Nothing would honor them more in death than a savage Bitcoin pump (or dump)…

  3. Still can’t break up a level without cooking all of the oscillators on LTF. Someone needs to fill those BFX bids at 45k.

  4. This reminds me of that vsauce vid where people would rather give themselves painful shocks than be bored.

  5. Trying to understand the psychology behind those that are selling/shorting every little pump. Long term, we are still in a bullish pattern, you’d think the easiest thing to do after such a large pullback from 69k would be to go long and ride the next big wave up. It seems like whoever is shorting this just hates the idea of BTC and crypto in general…or are they really trying to accumulate more at the expense of a healthy chart? That seems greedy af.

  6. How is anyone rationalizing holding gbtc when the discount keeps getting worse and zero guidance from management on fixing it?

  7. This kind of selling occurs quite simply because of the bear market conditions. Pumps like that will just get sold into.

    Only way it stops one day is when the buyers push through any key zones or break the trend. For now they are miles off.

    We are currently closer now in percentage terms to 28k than the ATH. Make of that what you will.

  8. retesting the trendline s/r flip. If it holds continuation. If not, well you can guess.

  9. Maybe this time really is different


  10. So crazy. Bitcoin works so hard to correlate to all trad market dips but not the pumps.

  11. Uh oh, hidden bearish div on the 3hr confirming at 6pm. Down we go folks.

  12. 10 yr is on the move, reapproaching highs. Expect Bitcoin to follow suit soon if conditions remain the same. I made a more indepth comment about this a month or so ago if anyone is interested. Here are some short and sweet charts.

    BLX https://www.tradingview.com/x/wOlp3RG2

    10yr https://www.tradingview.com/x/jtDzoYKj

    Both are the same time frame and you can see that they generally follow eachother and BTC has yet to respond to the move in yields.

    Yields rising generally means a greater appetite for risk (less people buying bonds, so yield goes up to attract buyers). From what I’ve noticed BTC, for the most part, lags yields in both directions and it takes some time for that risk appetite to trickle back into Crypto.

    Nothing is guaranteed, but this looks like a decent setup if we get more squeezed as yields are rising, it could end up being the push we need to break this range.

  13. The panic zone is almost upon us. This range needs to break one way or another. Highly likely it’s to the downside.

    That wick is going to get retested. Don’t moan when it does, writing has been on the wall for ages

  14. Bears are getting really aggressive. We’ll see what the response is here. This very well could come back to bite them in the ass.

  15. In two months, Bitcoin went from 69K to 46K, which is a drop of around 33%. What is interesting is that Bitcoin dominance actually dropped from 43% to around 39% (during that time period), and alts were already high when BTC was 69K. This tells us how strong the alt market is right now and retailers are buying all the dips in these alts and not much in Bitcoin.

  16. 45.5k Diamond Dick Support tested again. Bulls need some Viagara here or they will be taking it in the Butt hole.

  17. Man when has Bitcoin tested such a boring level so much last time. Brutal. 45.8k is magnetic

  18. anyone else praying for a brutal scam wick down to 20K USD to just refresh and cleanse the market

  19. Just bought a bit at 45.8k

    I absolutely believe it’s going lower but promised myself I would ladder back in and sticking to it.

  20. I wonder what effect having a 2nd B-word conference would have on the price this time around, with the same guests as before.

    For those that remember the first one BTC started an unstoppable relief rally mere hours before the conference started. Was that mostly retail or institutions buying at that time I wonder?

  21. The bull-fluencers keep comparing this to the “obvious bottom” in Sept-Oct, but for some reason not the more complex range of May-Jul. The trend is down. I don’t know what happens, but Bitcoin will revisit 42k unless some strength shows up soon.


  22. So after getting downvoted for my 3hr bearish div at 6pm GMT, which was a great trade, here’s some good news. Could be 1hr regular bullish divergence at 8pm, which could cross over into 2hr regular bullish divergance at 10pm, crossing into 3hr reg bull div at 12am. All GMT time.

    Now people, I say “could”. All depends on candle closes but I’ll keep you updated as we go. However potential for some upside here.

  23. High liquidity at 45k range

    Though its being chipped away at.. and most likely, the same whale that put up the 53k wall. See what happened when that went away..

    (Pic shared by material scientist, private account so not sure if everyoen can see it)

  24. It’s hilarious how Bitcoin is either the next financial revolution, or literally rat poison^2. So much extrem

  25. In the last 24 hours, approx 31k btc have been withdrawn from exchanges. Good sign right?

  26. Ftx wall got gobbled up on that 47.5k push, bitmex joined the chat and said no trabajo and put up a wall up at 47.8k. Bitfinex support dropped to 45k

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