Daily Discussion, June 29, 2022

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Daily Discussion, June 29, 2022

15 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, June 29, 2022”

  1. Bitcoin core has the option “start bitcoin core on system login”, what method does it use? Is it .desktop file, systemd unit, or what?

  2. I just added some @ 20,300 so we’ll probably see 10k in a few days. Sorry 🤭

  3. What’s happening with Nic Carter on Bitcoin twitter? Can some give me TL;DR?

  4. Here we go. Support is flimsy. 20k broken. It’s a long fall from here. Bears are out

  5. $10K next stop. Then $5K and probably below $1K. It will shift the entire decade of positive momentum that Bitcoin has enjoyed. We could likely have a decade of downwards and sideways momentum.

  6. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/pentagon-finds-concerning-vulnerabilities-on-blockchain/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=techrepublic-news-special-offers

    I’m telling Andreas Antonopoulos!

    tldr; Conclusion

    In this report, we identified several scenarios in which blockchain immutability is called into question not by exploiting cryptographic vulnerabilities but instead by subverting the properties of a blockchain’s implementation, networking, or consensus protocol. A subset of a blockchain’s participants can garner excessive, centralized control over the entire system. The majority of Bitcoin nodes have significant incentives to behave dishonestly, and in fact, there is no known way to create any permissionless blockchain that is impervious to malicious nodes without having a TTP. We provided updated data on the Nakamoto coefficient for numerous blockchains and proposed a new metric for blockchain centrality based on nodes’ topological influence on consensus. A minority of network service providers—including Tor—are responsible for routing the majority of blockchain traffic. This is particularly concerning for Bitcoin because all protocol traffic is unencrypted and, therefore, susceptible to attacker-in-the-middle attacks. Finally, software diversity in blockchains is a difficult problem in terms of both upstream dependencies and patching.

    Edit: Twitter factcheck by Yan|swan.com https://twitter.com/skwp/status/1539708024163651588

  7. another total of around 7,000 BTC net deposit into coinbase within 24h
    pressure may continue

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