Daily Discussion, June 14, 2022

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Daily Discussion, June 14, 2022

49 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, June 14, 2022”

  1. Today is one of the happiest days of my life.

    Below having my son, getting married and some other major life accomplishments lies the day I became a whole coiner.


  2. Just saw an article that stated that the Biden regime is debating price capping oil. Price fixing is literally like the last kick of the can before hyperinflation. I have never been so bullish on BTC.

  3. It crashed to $160 from $1000, crashed to $3000 from $19k, crashed to $20k from $69k.

    Don’t buy btc! It will always crash

  4. To all my fellow hodlers with iron hands and diamond balls, it’s time to load up on that top ramen supply. This is where we hodl!

  5. This afternoon I took the plunge and moved my BTC off the exchanges. I had it smeared across Kraken, Gemini and Coinbase – but now it is in my shiny new Electrum wallet with the seed phrase safely stored away on paper. I don’t know why I waited so long to take this step. It was actually pretty simple to sort it out and given the volatility we are seeing and the shakiness of some of the exchanges – it feels pretty good!

  6. https://twitter.com/Cryptonaut_btc/status/1536829504366051329/photo/1

    Celcius just pushed their liquidation price to $14k. I have a gut feel they might just survive this liquidation event. I don’t think it’s possible to push Bitcoin down to $14k by the whales (Rumors it being SBF lead). This weekend could be crucial.

  7. Call it FUD or whatever but I work in finance and sorry to say but, I can guarantee you that 1 BTC will never ever be worth more than 1.1 BTC.

  8. “If you’re thinking of selling, don’t!” This is my Bitcoin book. It’s not just the title, that’s what’s written on all 1000 pages

  9. Anyone remember just a few years back when we were all giddy about bitcoin reaching $20K when it was around $12K? lol

  10. Where is the hodlers bottom? My BTC senses see more pain. No selling @ 69K, for sure no selling @ 20K. Only stacking.

  11. Does anyone know how or where I can get the 24 word seed phrase from my umbrel node? I don’t recall it ever generating that when I first initialized the node. Is this something I can look up or find in a file somewhere? I’m worried I’ve lost it forever.

  12. What are the chances we go below $6k into early pandemic territory? The fed is nowhere near done raising interest rates….we will see more to tame this inflation beast. If BTC is going to hemorrhage like this with every increase in the fed rate, then it stands to reason we will go down to the single thousands territory. Could be an opportunity to sell now, and then scoop the cheaper coins.

  13. More than a year ago I remember a post where I guy had shared results of seed storage methods holding up against fire and corosion. Wish I saved it. Anyone remember this and have a link. Or something similar.

  14. At what price can all the bitcoin whales on the planet just buy everything that’s being sold?

  15. Headline from TheStreet.com

    “Bitcoin Expert Peter Schiff Has Bad News For Crypto Enthusiasts”


  16. Some evil bastard posted a meme a few days ago of hold on by Wilson Philips and that fucking song keeps popping up in my head. If you’re out there….I hate you but well played

  17. All i ask to lord for this pain is to wipe out the fucking Interest paying outlets. the margins and shitcoins is a plague to the crypto industry.

  18. Biggest btc whale bought twice today for the first time since selling at $30k. Expect some upwards price movement over the next few days

  19. Bretheren! We will either sail this longship to the moon or sink it to the bottom!!!


  20. I just need Bitcoin to double and then I’ll almost be break even. That’s not too much to ask, right? Lmao 💀🪦

  21. People that won’t be on this earth in 10-20 years are hilarious giving their opinions on Bitcoin

  22. DCA.

    1. You’re sleeping easy knowing you’re doing 1 and 2. You’re maximizing your money while accumulating more satss huge plus in bear markets
    2. Youre sleeping easy knowing you’re doing 1 and 2. Youre maximizing your money while R your cost basis. A huge plus in bear markets
    3. You’re sleeping easy knowing you’re doing 1 and 2. You’re maximizing your money while accumulating more sats.
  23. NEW ELON MUSK crypto tweet. HERE WE GO. #Bitcoin to the moon!!! LFG LFG LFG! ITS TIME TO PUMP. This is our Time to show the haters.

  24. CEO of FTX dumping STeth through Alameda to liquidate Celsius?


    Edit: Apparently, Celsius new liquidation level is at 14k.

  25. Keeping your Bitcoin on exchanges contribute to the Bitcoin price going down:


  26. I might be regarded, but I think Im going to use this crash to begin buying btc for the first time

  27. 200 Week MA is close to being tested. In the past two times it was tested the drops were roughly 80%, this is only around 66%. However things are much different right now in terms of the fed and rates, ect .. what do you guys think? I think this could be the bottom maybe slightly lower. Any insight your guess is as good as mine , but historically following every time was a massive bull run. I think that will happen once the fed rolls over

  28. Is electrum the best wallet to use? I want to move off coinbase pro but I’m not sure where to.

  29. Question for Bitcoin crash veterans. In the past when Bitcoin reached the bottom did it hold at that price area for an extended time? Or was it a quick bounce up?

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