Daily Discussion, July 01, 2022

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Daily Discussion, July 01, 2022

7 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, July 01, 2022”

  1. If you’re not mentally preparing yourself for under 10k then you’re not doing this right.

    Please also understand that a sub 10k might take a long time. Bitcoin has never experienced macro conditions like this before, the US market can pullback a lot more and still be relatively ok.

    The only chart that matters for now is the S&P. Bitcoin is the S&P chart.

    So don’t be surprised to see any number of upside fakeouts before the final capitulation drop which will scare the living christ out of even the strongest hands.

    My own personal guess at a low is around the 12k mark in a truly insane wick that rebounds us back to the 18k region relatively soon after. I have buy orders all the way down to 3k just in case a huge world event i.e Russian/NATO war begins.

    If the bulls want to win this and realistically prove the bottom is in, that price for is going to be around the 32k region

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