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  1. Anyone looking for some easy profit? About 1,5% price difference on binance between eth/usdt price and eth/btc price

  2. Don’t be foolish, clearly shorts are covering. Relax and go watch football/ crack a beer. Come back next week if you’re trying to build new positions.

  3. how do shorts and longs usually get liquidated – how much movemwnt in the other direction is there in order for a short or long to get rekt? say i long btc for/at (how do you even say this?) $50k, in what case does it get liquidated?

  4. I was wondering if BitInvestor Global website is legit? If anyone could help me out, thanks.

  5. OSMO rewards are insane for a relatively small bag. I’m tempted to double my position.

  6. Of all the market-movement terminology used around here, “Dead Cat Bounce” is probably the worst for being misused.

    A Dead Cat Bounce describes a very brief bounce of recovery while an asset is in a freefall decline. Being down 2% over several days, then recovering upwards 1.5% is not a fuckin’ dead cat bounce guys, it’s just… stable market fluctuations at that point.

  7. Can i link my brave iphone browser to my laptop wallet and earn rewards for adds i see on my iphone? Or is it just not possible to get brave rewards at all on iphone?

  8. So how safe are 12 seeds words/keys on a cell phone?

    And I mean specifically for CRO/crypto.com defi. The keys are made/stored/encrypted through/on the phone. how safe is that on a scale of 1-10?

    Say 10 being a trezor/ledger and 1 being a sticky note of my seeds taped to the outside of my phone

  9. I am going to do the following each day until BTC reaches 100k. I don’t care if it takes 3 years.

    • 100 push ups
    • 100 sit ups
    • 100 squats
    • 10 km run


  10. I’m starting to think ICP is heavily manipulated. Up 40+% up during this dip.

  11. When I see green I think “Ok good”

    When I see red I think “oh holy shit fuck me I can never get a fucking break!!!”

  12. “Bears lied to me ! They made me sell under my cost average to short it and buy back in lower, and now I’m getting liquidated !! I want a refund 😤”

    You just know there’s some out there !

  13. I know some people will get mad, but I don’t feel badly for anyone who sold at a loss yesterday. Never on a big dip.

  14. I’m just glad selling is such a hassle with my portfolio spread out over 3 wallets and 2 exchanges.. Really stopped me from fucking up by panic selling a bunch of times!

  15. FED: we are printing money to support the economy

    Crypto people: this is a problem

    FED: we are going to stop printing in Q1

    Crypto people: this is a problem. 😁

  16. If you’re a fellow ADA, DOGE, ALGO, VET holder hang in there bud. The last 3 months have been rough to say the least. DOT is also depressing lately but I got in early enough so whatever.

  17. Have a great afternoon, guys! I’m going to fix my lunch and watch some football…maybe catch a few afternoon Zzzzzz as well. Stay encouraged!

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