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  1. The ongoing protest in Kazakhstan, has had a massive effect on crypto market💥

  2. As Pooh would say, “always remember… you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ✌️

  3. Those members that can post gifs, we need to see that 80s commercial: ‘I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.’

  4. I refuse to sell my btc and eth. I’d rather take it to the grave. However I shoulda sold more of my alts because now I’m holding shit for potentially years looool

  5. I think DeFi or even CeFi, stablecoins already gives you a huge APY. I’m fine with that.

  6. Well, looks like I’m gonna have to return to eating Little Cesar’s $5 pizzas instead of Papa John’s again.

  7. For every 10 people that say shit like “just bought more during this dip”, how many do you think are actually buying? 1? Maybe 2?

  8. Well, it looks like I’ll be holding these bags down in to the Marianas trench. It’s been a pleasure, lads.


  9. This pain you feel. It’s how crypto witchers are born. Alot die in the process but others survive and become legends (and rich af).

  10. Losing money is fine, the only thing you shouldn’t lose is the desire to make money

  11. Eth prices are so tempting but at the same time there is a room for dip

  12. Bitcoin price goes in cycles like a clockwork last 10 years.

    -Bull cycle ends, bear cycle starts.

    People: OMG I’m so shocked how could this ever happen, I thought this time is gonna be different

  13. Just transferred about $130 of Bitcoin from Crypto.com to a Ledger Nano X for the first time and it charged me a $21.16 network fee. Is this normal and if so is there a cheaper way to do it?

  14. Just transferred some ETH to a wallet, cost me $40, or roughly 10% of the transaction. Probably nothing.

  15. I was going to buy some ETH at 2900 but damn

    seems like everyone expects it to go lower than that? I know no one knows shit about fuck but if no one is buying because we’re all expecting it to drop further, that could present a problem

  16. All I know in this market is, I’m slowly DCA’ing my way on down. Crypto-recessions are great times to accumulate over the long-term, so long as you’re investing what you can afford to lose short-term (i.e. don’t invest your mortgage payments lol).

    Some people will get lucky and time the bottom, sure. It’s a game you’ll only know that you won/lost at in retrospect. God knows there were enough comments back in July predicting 10-20k and holding out on any purchases until then.

    Similar to selling in a bull-run — trying to “guess the cycle peak” is pure conjecture, when it’s the giga-whales who ultimately decide it themselves.

  17. If it goes like this, quite probably my portfolio will hit 1-2 usd around may 2022.

  18. Really sucks that I took out profits at 65k and imediatelly reinvested when it dropped to 62k lol

  19. Remember all the people saying the end of December selling was just tax loss harvesting?

    Kind of funny…

  20. Got some cash in stablecoins. Seems stupid when I’m losing money on them anyway to inflation lol.

  21. When was the last time BTC had 7 consecutive days of red? I scrolled back as far as 2019 and found none

  22. I’m waiting for suicide hotline to be pinned, to slowly, and I emphasize: SLOWLY start rebuying every week

  23. Does anyone think ROSE could go below $0.25? Placing to put a limit order Around there.

  24. GLMR(moonbeam. DOT parachain) is gonna launch in the middle of bear. It’s gonna be great for accumulation + great APY

    Life changing opportunity (again) that I will try not to waste (again)

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