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  2. What’s the cheapest way to buy and hold bitcoin? Does everything except robinhood have fees?

  3. Why is the general advice to only accumulate BTC/ETH during bear market? The real money play is waiting until you feel we’ve hit the bottom then load up on solid alts.

  4. V2 its about a year old. PM me for sure I can send photos and the green coffee manifest. IDK where your at but check out saw dog coffee in Vermont. I was shooting for their model and they are very very successful around here. They marketed in local forums/through the local BNI and all that. It’s for sure possible. I did pretty decent too, like I said I just started the other business and was finding I wanted time elsewhere. I can ship you a pound of my roast or some green if you can roast on skmwthing… see if you like. I can send the “recipe” too.

  5. As someone newly returning to crypto after a long time… It’ll bounce back right? Right?

  6. The sub feels like May 2021, one side is calling it a bear market and one side is calling it a healthy correction.

  7. Haven’t been here in a while. Is everyone already freaking out due to the market conditions?

  8. Feeling like I’m gonna miss out if I don’t move my stock $$ over to eth today

  9. Guys remember 1 img = 1 img. No one can take tbag away from you. Accumulate and you’ll be rewarded long term

  10. Been DCAing since March of 2021… Today I am officially in the red for the first time.

  11. People with 50 dollars invested are very vocal in here during these times.

  12. Hella FOMO on all the NFTs that are popping like PhantaBear, but I just can’t justify selling coins I’ve been holding for years to gamble on something like that, anyone got that sweet confirmation bias?

  13. It goes like this, the fourth the fifth, the minor pump and the major dump, we’re broke before we know it Hallelujah..

  14. It’s just annoying that when spy makes a tiny move, btc/ETH follows. Like bruh disconnect from that shit already

  15. Trying to figure out how to convert some xmas visa gift cards to cash so I can take advantage of some of this dip

  16. You know its not going well when your “interest earned” on coinbase starts going down

  17. Just be calm, zoom out, these moves aren’t that out of the ordinary. If We could recover from the May crash, we can recover from this one as well… Bitcoin can move $10k in literally a few hours… not saying that’s going to happen today, but we aren’t that bad off… DCA, and have a drink.

  18. Tell someone two months ago that ETH will be back over 3.2k today and see how they would react. XD

  19. Think of jumping on a trampoline, jumping real hard. The lower you go, the higher the bounce back up. Happened so many times in the past with crypto, fill them bags when you can.

  20. The biggest narrative in 2022 will be web3 and cross chain interoperability

    Bullish for LINK

  21. How the fuck does ONE keep holding like this, the market has been pretty bearish as of late

  22. Algo goverence is now closed 🙌🏻

    APY sits at 8.93% or 2.23% growth for the period.

  23. I’ve been playing 50 cents album get rich or die tryin for the past week to help all of this make sense

  24. So glad I got out of ALGO a week ago and threw it all into UST on Anchor. Now everyday is a green day and i can laugh as ALGO drops off the edge of the earth instead of stressing.

  25. The other day I decided to take my own advice from past mistakes after a few years in Crypto and took a bit of money or my initial investment out of a couple of alts losing my interest, in order to reinvest in the dips. Wish I did this last year!

  26. Whats a good APR when farming? How do you guys compare different chains risk/reward?

  27. I’m old enough to remember when 42k was support, not resistance. Feels like just yesterday.

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