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  1. The double edge sword of staking my atom. Can’t sell when it’s dipping but can’t sell when it’s reaching ATH.

  2. For any of you reading this, pay attention to what Andre is doing over on Fantom.

    ve(3,3) sounds neat


  3. So I bought ETH and BTC yesterday, still happy with the purchase. Today doesn’t scare me!

  4. A survey of investors and wealth managers (who hold around $108.4 billion in assets), has revealed that 79% see ‘asset custody as the key consideration whether to invest’ in crypto.

    The survey involved interviews with fifty wealth managers and fifty institutional investors across a range of locations including the UK, The US and the UAE.

    After security concerns, came price volatility (67%) and the regulatory environment (49%).

    Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-06/crypto-security-is-biggest-concern-for-institutional-investors

  5. Is there anywhere I can go to watch or read about osmosis. I’m trying to understand how to use it to provide liquidity in the pools. Also how to swap for other coins and stake those like AKT token

  6. I’m new and I was watching Ben Cowan just now and he’s talking about, “retail.”

    What does that mean? When someone says, “retail is doing this or that,” I don’t know what that means. Anyone willing to educate me would be appreciated.

  7. so many alt coins on here is just a company with a token tacked on and the token does nothing. most dont even know what the company does.

  8. when the price goes up we compound the money gains

    when the price goes down we compound the knowledge gains

  9. Some hopium for these trying times…

    If you’re worried about crypto in the short to mid term, you’re doing it wrong.

    • Big tech is moving to web 3 and crypto related platforms. Look at Facebook (Meta) and Square (Block).

    • Some of the smartest people on the planet are creating in this space. The profit motive is unlike anything in tech right now. It will continue to attract the best and brightest.

    • crypto.com is spending more money on marketing and advertising than most firms in any industry, and that’s just one crypto-focused company. More will follow just to keep up, if not exceed. This is only good for adoption.

    • Institutional and individual adoption is only growing. We’re at single digit percentages in terms of worldwide adoption.

    • The top 2 cryptocurrencies are deflationary and will only become rarer over time. Meanwhile, most governments can’t stop printing and spending money and inflation is at multi-decade highs.

    • The space has already been around for 10 years and now has more interest than ever. The longer something is around, the more it’s likely to stay around (Lindy effect).

    • Most importantly, development is progressing steadily and innovation is happening each day.

    Zoom out, buy/HODL, and be patient.

  10. Anyone into SATA? Train looks like it’s leaving the station even though the market has everyone afraid.

  11. CRO is about to go green. Looks like it’s making a move by itself….

  12. What is so great about ONE? I’ve asked this several times and haven’t gotten any responses.

    Makes me feel like some of you are paid advertisers or something.

  13. wow, look at ATOM. holding the line for my portfolio. crazy that 9 months ago ATOM and LINK were in each other’s position

  14. I don’t know what a death cross is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask

  15. I know we can gamble on our gamble but is there a way we can gamble on our gamble of our gamble? So we can gamble while we gamble while we gamble

  16. Financial advice :

    • Feeling Bearish? = buy bitcoin or Ethereum

    • Feeling Bullish? = as above, or alt coins.

    Repeat until rich.

  17. anyone else get mad when someone hypes a coin in the daily like it’s 10% up you go look and it’s 1% up

  18. Unemployment sucks, had to sell all my shit to keep me from getting evicted but as soon as I find a new job DCA time.

  19. I feel like today is a popcorn kinda day while watching the charts.

    Anyone want to share?


  20. I pumped something this morning but it wasnt the market , i’m sorry . I failed you all . Tomorrows another day

  21. PYR is up 10%, it just needs to go up another 130% for me to breakeven! Woho!

  22. Bought some more CRO. I only buy long terms at the moment. Its not the time to get funky with shitcoins 🙂

  23. Certain alts really don’t wanna follow BTC huh, just happy doing their own thing, it’s nice to see.

  24. Someone should create a r/cryptocatalyst subreddit that discusses possible price movement catalysts like the fed event that caused the recent dump

  25. 42k has been called for I don’t know how long right now. It was the huge elephant in the room. So many seemed to be waiting for it. IMO it feels like a relief that it has happened and it seemingly held as expected.

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