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  1. Reddit loading slow or failing outright entirely with error, they are trying to stop our farming, we’ve gotten too powerful.

  2. Seems like me taking some profits out 2 days ago was not a bad idea. Was called paperhanded though.

  3. Surprisingly my Alts are not nuking lol.

    I wonder how fun it is having 50% of ur bag in BTC rn

  4. Here’s some advice from someone who’s been in this sub for some time… get out of this sub when the markets go in to bearish trends. This place is toxic and the fear that spreads will affect your thoughts and emotions. Do not make any decisions based on what you see here.

  5. what’s after ‘extreme fear’?—sheer terror? blistering paranoia? mom’s spaghetti?

  6. Y’all were complaining about not enough volume. Well, here’s your volume lol.

    42k here we come.

  7. BTC is crashing again. Okay long term HODler stay strong. This is our new opportunity to buy the dip

  8. Hi buddies i am a opposition leader in India. Government in India is trying to curb the cryptocurrency. Please suggest me points that decision of GoI in wrong.

  9. The scariest thing about this is that part of me wants to try catching a falling knife

  10. See y’all in the next bull run where all whales have most of the BTC now because y’all decide to sell because of a sneeze 😍

  11. I particularly remember the rains of the

    depression era.

    there wasn’t any money but there was

    plenty of rain.

    it wouldn’t rain for just a night or

    a day,

    it would RAIN for 7 days and


  12. And as tradition, vet pumps and bitcoin takes a massive shit. The world is back in balance

  13. If ATOM hits close to $30, I think I’m gonna buy. I could trade some other bags I hold for it happily. I had COSMOS before and sold in profit but looking back, it really was a great performer right in front of my face. The percentage back up to $40 would be nice. Then it could prob hit $44 as resistance again, drop, or finally break out above. Question is how many times will it hit resistance. It’s moving on it’s own without bitcoins movements which is a nice hedge. I can’t imagine if btc gets back on the bullish movement to $50k, how that would change ATOMS movement too.

  14. Stock market taking a beating and Crypto is following suit

    Imagine what’s going to happen when they actually increase rates…yikes

    This year is about to be bloody, be prepared

  15. We’re all in it together. Just remember Tesla has billions on the line with Bitcoin.

  16. BTC crabbed while stocks were doing good last few weeks so of course when stocks start dipping BTC is gonna crash

  17. BTC, all you had to do was hold 46k for a few weeks buddy. But it looks like you’re a weak ass bitch.

  18. Scary thing is bitcoin is still up 35% for the year. It can go back to 30k. Tread lightly.

  19. I hadn’t planned today being another DCA day… But I guess if life hands you dips, make diponade.

  20. But life itself wakes me each morning, and love

    Urges me to give although I have no money

    In the bank at this moment, and ought properly

    To cease to exist in a world where poverty

    Is a shameful and ridiculous offence.

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