Daily Discussion, January 14, 2023

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38 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, January 14, 2023”

  1. I’ve been going through the process of buying a house for about 6 months which means for that entire time I’ve not been stacking.

    I know I’m making a smart decision but this price rise is hurting my soul knowing that whole deposit could have been in BTC

  2. Just screamed “WHOOOA” in bed looking at 20.8 and woke my partner. Feels good man

  3. sold a massive chunk at 16 to tax loss harvest and buy back on Bisq

    can only do $1500/week via that method and I’m only 10% back

    this fucking sucks

  4. We did it guys! Bear market is over! I can’t wait for Monday to tell everyone in my job to fuck off! They didn’t believe me that I can make it with bitcoin and here we are.

  5. Down 2% in the last hour. That bull run was fun while it lasted. What a thrill !

  6. Cycle of pump complaints:

    It’s pumping too fast, unsustainable

    <Pumps slower>

    Pumping too slow, might as well buy alts

    <Pumps fast again>

    Low volume pump, manipulation

    <volume increases>

    Volume too high, institutional manipulation

    <Repeat 100x until broke>

  7. SEC goes after Gemini

    Gemini introduces Tether

    Market goes parabolic

    No volume, all cascading liquidations, RSI at 90(!!!!)

    I’m not buying it

  8. https://datamish.com/btcusd/360d

    probably a meaningless thing, but is there any kind of explanation why (leveraged?) longs went up in may 2022 to such high levels above 100 000 BTC? this seems to be a Bitcoin only effect (checked a couple of shitcoins and while longs are also higher than shorts there isn’t such a large difference). shouldn’t someone massively benefit from even small BTC price increases?

  9. I think we are probably entering the 3K corridor, where bitcoin chooses a $3k range and bounces around for a few weeks, then chooses another and repeats, and this will probably last 1-2 years.

  10. What are the thoughts so far? you think we past the bear runs and well pump and go pump from here or we crashing again before a nice solid pump?

  11. Honestly Only coin I trust and will ever trust is btc, it lasted the test of time and is an actual currency, BTC is the future

  12. 1 Feb 2023 $24.250

    1 Mar 2023 $39.100

    1 Apr 2023 $44.000


    edit: changed dateformat

  13. Till all shitcoins go to $0 I don’t think there is a bottom…

    Regardless enjoy the pumps, plebs stacked hard last year

  14. Is it crazy to think that… SBF is all calm and collected and pleading not guilty, his colleagues all pled guilty and are pending sentencing, and here comes an almost 20 percent gain in a week across most of the board, SIGNIFICANTLY lowering the liability that FTX / Alameda has.

    Could this have been orchestrated to close the rift that ftx left?

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