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  1. I had a dream that my mom told me I should buy DOT. I dont have any DOT. Should I follow my dreams?

  2. Link the last week: runs 2:1 directly with eth and btc

    Link today: imma head out ✌️🏻

  3. I’ve been fooled too many times, I don’t believe this pump… but man I want to.

  4. I finally went through and did a spreadsheet for my coinbase crypto averages, still blows my mind how much information is hidden on CB

  5. Just woke up in this part of the world and I feel pumped… No pun intended 😂

  6. This is the slowest daily I can remember.

    If you’re still into crypto right now, after all the casuals sold low and checked out, you are going to make it.

    They’ll be back to FOMO in again at 80k.

  7. That Matt Damon commercial REALLY got to me man…

    History is filled with ALMOST achievements…

    But it’s the ones who have the determination, EMBRACE the moment and fucking commit.

    Fortune favors the brave.

    Fucking bought.

  8. Frontpage full bear with FED rates and whatever.

    I hope you bought the dip cos bull run is about to resume

  9. I’ll never listen to others who shill coins ever again. Loopring is just another **itcoin and I should have known better after learning in 2017. Thankfully I didn’t buy a lot, but the lesson is just as important.

  10. Anyone care to ELI5 why is tomorrow so dramatic? I have a general idea on what it is but is it any different than last year?

  11. I sold 75% of my shit last night. Makes sense we pump after lol. Please be a bull trap

  12. Market capitulation is a process of transforming paper hands into diamond hands.

  13. So even though my portfolio is still 30% down from my personal ATH, I’m still in profit. Also, a green day feels pretty good, my dudes and dudettes.

  14. All y’all who don’t even know the CPI data comes out on Jan 12 are a big ole bag of ding dongs

  15. Traded in my Ravencoin for more Moonbeam earlier today, to top up my crowdloan reward payout. Time will tell if it was the right call, but I think so.

  16. Damn, I should have sold at 39.7k. Thought we’d go lower. That’s what I get for trying to time the market.

  17. I’m not timing anything. i just buy as the price goes down. Am i hitting the absoulte bottom for the time being? no. Will i make a profit? probably.

  18. If LTO was #20 marketcap, 1 LTO would be $36.75, with a potential upside of 106x


  19. Congratulations to those who bought this dip. The best time to buy was yesterday

  20. 4 of the top 20 projects on Coingecko were built using some form of the Cosmos tech stack. BNB, LUNA, pCRO, ATOM. Polygon makes it 5 if you include their modified Tendermint (Peppermint). UST is a 6th Cosmos token and is at #21 spot.

    The Cosmos is slowly taking over.

  21. Whatever is happening in the crypto markets right now, I like it. Not sure if it’s real or not…let’s fucking go!

  22. IDK, I’m kinda lost on what’s going on these days. But I didn’t sell shit and I keep buying so I guess I’m ok.

  23. I will continue to buy low, high, and stake it for more crypto! Am I doing this right guys?

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