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  1. Been looking at some nft projects. Problem is any that look worth while require you to be pretty wealthy to begin with 😂

  2. Looks like 3 year cycles not 4 everyone keeps talking about and if it was a 4 year cycle yes next year would be lower

  3. My friends just said they want to make a Costco run but all I thought of was a bull run.

  4. It’s gonna go back up and people will be crying as to why they didn’t buy more. Same cycle all the time. 😄

  5. People promised a Lambo after one year investing on Crypto!!

    I wish to speak with the Crypto Manager right now!

  6. I decided what to do with my bonus paycheck.
    100$ into eth everytime it drop a 100$

    Next order 3000$

    Set up buy order until it drop to 2000$

  7. Whoa my coin gecko app just updated. A much nicer look to check out my bloody portfolio.

  8. I’ll take profits the 3rd time we get over 60k, for real this time 😅 I feel like I’m making emotional progress in crypto. The drop in May was eviscerating existential agony, this one is crushing disappointment at my failures. Hoping the next one is just strong indigestion

  9. Dear Lord Satoshi,

    Have mercy on us and our portfolios.

    We have been weakened by the enemies. Day after day they liquidate us.

    We have failed you with doggy coins and memes. We now recognize the error of our ways.

    Please shine your face on us.

    In Satoshi’s name we pray


  10. Anyone else find that this active community helps fuel their crypto addiction?

  11. crypto exists because the financial system needed a hyperspeculative liquidity relief valve to reduce the amount of money pouring in to real world assets during the most accommodative central bank monetary policies in human history. You’re all going to get slaughtered

  12. You’re basically giving the rich free liquidity so they can keep the system running a little longer. Poor little retail. You’re all going to nil.

  13. Daytrading 101: Risk it all every time -> be patient -> never sell with a loss -> accumulate BTC -> fuck bitches

    This is financial advice.

  14. Today my SEPA transaction should have gone thru but it has yet to at 9PM. Should I be worried?

  15. I just had the devs of crypto on the phone. They’ll program it to go up again. Promise.

  16. “Crabbing is so boring, I wish the market would do something”

    Those were funny times.

  17. Probably just gona be a bear market for a couple months then we go back up

  18. I’m not here for the tech or profits, just for the karma 😂😂😂😂

  19. Just tried to make my first post – fiddled about half an hour and then it turns out I’m short of ‘just’ 201 karma. Doesn’t matter that my account is around 4y old, damn. I thought I was passed this. So just ventilating here now.

  20. Lol at all Twitter and YouTube clowns after this morning 2 percent pump , oh bull market back on decent bounce. Lol I guess we need to cling to something

  21. Man the daily has been such a boring negative place lately.

    Same people will be begging for these prices a year from now.

  22. Looks like it’s time to buckle down and prepare for a couple months of red. Unless crypto decides to do its own thing, I think the general market and equities in particular are going to drag us down.

  23. For a brief moment today, portfolio hit the magic -$100K from ATH.

    That’s a new personal record!

  24. Do you think there are people on this sub that don’t own any crypto other than what they’ve gotten in moons?

  25. where is dis eediot who called me eediot because I said amurican government is upping interest %?

  26. Ok, what am I gonna smoke to take my mind off the the charts? Rntz Muffins or Sour Puss?

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