Daily Discussion, January 07, 2022

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Daily Discussion, January 07, 2022

48 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, January 07, 2022”

  1. Are we really all happy talking about 69k as our ATH for the next few months and years???

    Bitcoin is better then some stupid kiddy meme number, sort it people!!!

  2. New guy here. I have .00026217 BTC given to me for signing up on Coinbase. Wanting to buy a bit of this dip. Should I stick to coinbase or is there a cheaper way or better way to buy and hodl?

  3. Not even the Tether scam printer can save you now.

    Will find some semblance of a floor at 38k, and will need to crab for a bit

  4. A classic post from exactly 3 years ago.

    We’re still saying the same things today

  5. This place is getting almost as bad as yahoo finance conversations. Looks like price and energy fud are the preferred ways to try to limit adoption.

  6. I have tiny bits of bitcoin gold & bitcoin sv sitting in an old bitcoin paper wallet. How do I get access to these? Also where can I trade my bitcoin sv?

  7. What most people fail to realize is that unless BTC ends up at $0, it will go back up eventually. How long? It could take several years or more, but that’s a fundamental part of Bitcoin. Investing in Bitcoin comes down to whether you believe in the technology or not, and it shouldn’t matter if the price fluctuates, dips, skyrockets, or anything like that.

    The only people who are hurt by these fluctuations are the short term investors looking to make some quick cash, but don’t trust or understand the technology.

    I’ve personally invested a large chunk of my savings (75%) at ~58k average price and I couldn’t care less if we go to 30k or even 20k. My average price of purchase at the moment is probably closer to 53k since I DCA as well. If Bitcoin hits 0, it’ll hurt, but I’ll still have 25% of my net worth invested elsewhere and I’ll be able to recover.

    Stop looking at the price every 2 minutes and instead focus on whether you believe in the technology or not, it’ll make you a much happier individual.

  8. It’s hard i know but just hold – it will eventually go back up, may take weeks may take months but it will. For now I’m guessing 30s are given

  9. Aight slut shame me, but I bought at 41k sold now for 2% gain and made a retard ape investment on GME, I will reinvest with gains, it’s the plan

    It’s worth 2000€ now, the update comes later on how it went mates

  10. Igor Bogdanoff appeared in my dream, from which I just now awoke in horror. He said that he now understands it all from the great beyond…. Igor swore BTC was going to $2k. He also swore he didn’t have any cheek implants.

  11. Hey guys I’m new and how do I see my average price on ftx? I’ve been dcaing since 56k

  12. BTC is so undervalued. We were at $20K 4+ years ago. It just can’t go much lower in 2022. We will turn around soon I believe.

  13. I still think there are a group of people who don’t realize Bitcoin is decentralized. When people talk about spending or selling Bitcoin it is not the end of the world. They are simply using the network as it was designed for. Anyone who downvotes someone for how they use Bitcoin should be ashamed of themselves. The same people who praise Bitcoin for being decentralized are the same people who want to dictate how it should be used. Very hypocritical.

  14. Honest question. I do like whining. But instead of whining in here about price everyday, shouldn’t we (in the USA) be writing our congressmen asking them to pressure the SEC chairman to approve a spot ETF?

  15. All time high: 69000
    Current price:42000
    All time low: 0

    This is a win guys, very bullish

  16. Only been in the game a year and change. Dunno what folks are freaking out over🤷🏾‍♀️

  17. Buying Bitcoin is like having AA in Texas Hold em’. You can still lose with aces but the expected value of the hand is always positive. The same can be said for selling btc. It’s very tempting to try to prevent losing but 10 years of 100 percent per year returns prove that every time you sell btc it’s as if you have been dealt AA and decide to fold the hand. You might even succeed trading it but eventually you’ll give up all of your gains with one bad trade.


    People like Peter Shiff are truly awful people. Or they are just dumb.

  18. Will we hold 40k is the question. Time to load up now, time to really load up if we dip to 30’s.

  19. Rainbow chart looking interesting:


  20. You would think we would at least get some type of relief rally even a fake 1 but no it’s just all red

  21. This is normal right? Lol fun first year this turned out to be. I just keep stacking them.

  22. Ok so let’s reach a bottom quickly then. Everyone sell at once so we can get this over with. It’s like torture weeks of this shit. I’m getting absolutely destroyed for no real good reason. When people take such extreme losses you take the risk of losing them forever. Trying to support a decent project and lose 70 percent just because btc. dropped 20 percent seems crazy to me.

  23. 3.5 more weeks my friend, hope that things will settle after Lunar (Chinese) New Year

  24. The slow bleeeeeding drip down to the bottom just like this past spring/summer. It is so similar. I feel like the floor should be higher this time around though. The more time that goes by, you would think the more people that will hodl their bitcoin through these dips.

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