Daily Discussion, January 04, 2023

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15 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, January 04, 2023”

  1. I’m not getting too carried away with this rally until BTC is at least back over 17k. Better of course would be reclaiming the 20k level.


  3. I was forced to put my cat down yesterday, poor little guy was struggling to breathe and was not eating. He wasn’t even 2 years old. Unfortunately I had to sell a large chunk of my stack to cover his fees etc and now i just feel empty and broke. Rip Tommy

  4. can anyone explain what this guy is trying to say here

    >Enlighten us. How does Bitcoin plan to pay for security in the next 3-4
    halvenings? Let me guess, price will double every four years and it
    won’t be an issue, right?

    some random altcoin person said this to me

  5. It’s a good time to read (or revisit!) the Gradually, then Suddenly series by Parker Lewis.

  6. Uh oh some fuckerey is happening , need this to go lower actually so I can lump sum my target please. Wtf is good

  7. The Judge in the Celsius bankruptcy case just ruled that all coins on the exchange are property of Celsius and not the depositor. Please for the love of God get your shit into an offline wallet people.

  8. What happens if bitcoin mining isnt profitable anymore because of halving and low price?

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