CZ (Binance) also hints at problems with other exchanges. If it wasnt clear yet, get your crypto off of exchanges!

Several exchanges seem to be sending funds back and forth as capital for reserves to show, that is, to show how much reserves they have once they share their wallet addresses to the public. See the other big threads here for details.

Please make sure that your funds are off the exchanges. Even CZ from Binance is hinting that this is a clear sign of problems and he might very well know more than us:

This comes after CZ said that they previously had a policy not to comment on competitors publicly, but that CZ would change this behavior going forward in protection of the crypto space:

How is this real life? If this would be a movie I would not believe the story. Every day there is more craziness.

reddit imagereddit imagereddit imageCZ (Binance) also hints at problems with other exchanges. If it wasnt clear yet, get your crypto off of exchanges!

50 thoughts on “CZ (Binance) also hints at problems with other exchanges. If it wasnt clear yet, get your crypto off of exchanges!”

  1. Those are very clear signs.

    People, protect your hard earned money, treat it as such and self custody it properly. You’d be glad you did.

  2. Is this going to be the single reality in the multiverse where everything falls except for Tether? What a timeline.

  3. This is turning into a sheet show.

    Crypto dot com looks bad folks.

    Their exchange token getting rekted as we speak.

  4. What do you mean “clear yet”? Didn’t take for FTX to go down for me to understand exchanges aren’t a place you want to keep your crypto on.

  5. Binance will probably survive this shitshow. He’s also the only exchange CEO that advocates not keeping coins in exchanges and yes even in his own exchange. Love him or hate him at the end of the day he is a good businessman and knows how to develop and sustain a company.

  6. And Indian crypto exchanges don’t let people withdraw their crypto, our government tied their hands

  7. It’s like he’s the narrator in a movie telling us what will happen but the characters in the movie obviously don’t know.

  8. Yep, let’s all go listen to this shark, that’ll go well. Why people look at him being the saviour is beyond me. He’s just as bad if not worse as all the others

  9. Greedy bastards can’t be satisfied just taxing trades. They have to loan and trade with customer funds. Fuck, it’s like banks but mentally impaired.

  10. I feel coinbase is at least safe for now. Most of my coins are on my ledger though.

  11. Yeah I am taking my crypto off Binance too. Investing on a cold wallet is the only safest option right now.

  12. There is only real transparency if companies show liabilities as well as assets. Recent events have prompted me to get round to setting up my Trezor.

    As an aside wonder if I will ever see my ETH that is staked on Coinbase again…?

  13. I’m pretty happy now that I sent 95%+ of my BTC off exchanges not so long ago.

    The rest of my funds are locked for earnings,

  14. I don’t understand how you could run a thriving exchange, make a comfortable living then fuck everyone over for a shit load of money but spend the rest of your life running from law enforcement and trying not to get shanked or tortured to death.

  15. he’s pointing a lot of fingers and has this rhetoric that “cex = bad” but binance is also a cex; maybe this is his way to deflect and imply binance is better? they also have a native token, they were also caught doing shady shit and now they’re taking over the majority of the market centralizing the decentralized tech

  16. They are naked short Monero themselves. What he says may as well be true and the same time a huge deflection.

    By forcing things he may seem on our sides. But this may very well be a tactic to regain trust in Binance.

  17. you shouldn’t store your crypto in exchanges in the first place. Always move them to your own wallet after trading.

  18. I always say this, but this is the reason I use Orion Protocol, I trade from my wallet, BSC, Eth, FTM or Polygon and the trade automatically gets the lowest price from the various DEXes and CEXes it aggregates.

  19. I mean he does got a reason…. If people pull their shit of exchanges, his competitors might go under. Win win.

  20. I knew I was right trusting Binance because they’re the biggest. The titanic was the biggest cruise ship of it’s time or some shit, they went big and didn’t go home! 🙌

  21. So now CZ wants to position himself as a spokesman for financial security and transparency?

    That’s funny considering Binance is one of the least transparent exchanges. I’d take his efforts with a grain of salt. I’d like to know Binance liabilities and who’s a validator for the bsc chain.

  22. My cronos holdings have plummeted, is there any way ppl have gotten their staked cro(for the cdc visa rewards) unlocked before the staking period is done? 23 days still left. Bought cro at 0,12 and it’s currently worth half of what i bought it for but i’d sell it anyways just to get off of cdc.

  23. crypto(.)com next. CRO crashing. just like when CEL and FTT tanked ahead of their withdrawal pauses.

  24. We should find out which exchanges are on shaky ground because there should be a massive exodus going on right now.

  25. CZ is burning the house nextdoor and his house is full of gasoline and dry wood with very little water and the wind is blowing in his direction.

  26. I member when mtgox sent BTC to 1k using bots only to be hacked by an inside job later on

    Nothing new in here. If you have any money on gateio,kucoin,huobi… Take it out of there asap.

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