CryptocurrencyICO Update – Changes to the Subreddit

Hi everyone,

Those who are still here have probably noticed that this subreddit has become quite the spamfest lately. I am working on cleaning up the subreddit now, rest assured that the rules will be more strictly enforced from now on!

I have recently been added as a mod of this subreddit and am going to try my best to improve it as much as I can in a way the community is happy with.

This should be a HQ subreddit for discussing and posting news about cryptocurrencies and ICOs, not a simple outlet for spammers to spam sketchy presales and outright scams.

Feel free to give your opinion or suggestions for improvements/changes in the comments of this post or in modmail, and you may see a few changes around here soon!

CryptocurrencyICO Update - Changes to the Subreddit

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