Cryptocurrency and Blockchain combined with Digital Agriculture

Efforts need to be carried out to develop sustainable and biodiversity-friendly agriculture. Blockchain-based technology helps increase traceability and transparency in agri-food supply chains. It allows food supply chain partners to connect and share information of interest. This enables food producers to cooperate seamlessly and improves coordination. With sufficient technical knowledge and business skills of blockchain digital agriculture companies like Agroplug, food producers and retailers can get greater income on their crops and products. Blockchain-based technologies enable direct connections between farmers and consumers.

At the same time, consumers can access information of interest, which can empower them and provide assurance of product safety and the processes in which food is produced. Consumers can verify that they are purchasing sustainable, healthy, and safe food. In that way, informed purchase decisions are carried out and sustainable farming practices are supported because consumers can verify product data from its beginnings (farmers’ and crop data) to production and storage.

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