Crypto SNACK – Crypto Must Push On, La Liga Soccer Club RCD Espanyol Would Agree


Given the world of Crypto these days, there is a lot of news out there that is pretty negative. I wanted to shed some light on the positive aspects of the space, specifically Crypto Snacks. Crypto Snacks is more than just a cool name, they are focussed on bringing the digital and physical world together. So while there may be an avalanche of horrible sentiments floating around at the moment, keep an open eye on those are are still trying to do good.

Who They Are

Like many crypto believers, Crypto Snacks believes the future of payments will be with digital currencies. To achieve this mass adoption, the systems must be fast and simple for the everyday user. Their goal is to become a global leader of payments along the cryptocurrency space.

The brand is meant to be a fun and innovative way for a DeFi token to bring both digital and physical together. They have 3 distinct brands, SNACK Token, Green Snack and Snack Gaming. Their main focus is the SNACK token which was launched on the Binance Smart Chain to benefit from its host of advantages. Currently Crypto Snack is in talks with challenger banks and prepaid mastercard/visa providers to allows its users to spend and use SNACK token like any other current currency.

Binance Smart Chain

Many in the crypto sphere would be familiar with Binance. Their innovative Smart Chain relies on a system of 21 validators with Proof of Staked Authority consensus that can support short block time and lower fees. They currently have over 125 million wallet addresses and aims to make DeFi accessible to everyone by facilitating low cost, cross-chain token swaps with lower barriers of entry to DeFi. This among others are the reason Crypto Snack chose Binance as their Blockchain host.

RCD Espanyol

The most important aspect of Crypto Snack so far is their official partnership with the prestigious La Liga football club RCD Espanyol. They are officially the first La Liga club to accept payments in crypto currency, which brings the efficiency of digital assets further into the world of sports.

Next football season, Espanyol fans will be able to buy tickets, merchandise, and food/beverages with SNACK tokens, Bitcoin Ethereum and other select popular tokens. With Crypto Snack's HQ in Barcelona, they are now the world's fastest growing iGaming token and an ideal partner for traditional sports and most other businesses.

If one sports club has pulled the trigger, it may push others over the edge to do the same. Perhaps not always Crypto Snack, but in general the crypto space will grow, meaning more users will flock to the asset class.

Final Thoughts

I think the deal with the La Liga team was massive. a football club in the most prestigious leagues in the entire world has decided to get on board with crypto. RCD Espanyol will be an industry leader in getting others to follow suit. Yes, crypto has gotten a horrible reputation recently due to unfortunate circumstances, but that shouldn't bring down others who are doing good work. One bad apple shouldn't bring down the whole tree. There is good work happening out here and Crypto Snack is one of them.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, always do your own research.

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