Crypto News: Market Meltdown, Celsius, ETH Delay, Inflation & MORE!!

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Crypto News: Market Meltdown, Celsius, ETH Delay, Inflation & MORE!!

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9 thoughts on “Crypto News: Market Meltdown, Celsius, ETH Delay, Inflation & MORE!!”

  1. Hope you guys enjoyed that update! I have a dedicated video on the Celsius fiasco on my clips channel so be sure to check it out! . Also, if you are looking for a much more involved explanation of stETH, then this telegram post will help:

  2. I'm taking the more optimistic view that meta is crashing because the majority of people would sooner live their lives in the real world instead of fake one

  3. I wonder how low bitcoin falls when MicroStrategy is forced to sell its hoard?

  4. jesus christ this weeks crypto news intro is a blow after blow after blow!!!

  5. Everyone moving everything around when crypto is literally the ultimate hodl game especially BTC. No wonder many people fail at investing. Feeble weak hands haha

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