Crypto Collapse Just Got Worse

Andrei Jikh

Crypto Collapse Just Got Worse

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10 thoughts on “Crypto Collapse Just Got Worse”

  1. Banks multiply money in circulation, but every debt does the same. Because money suddenly 'exists' on two sides, as owned…and as borrowed.

  2. All of this just prove that these jackasses like MeetKevin, Andrei Jikh and Stephen Graham, they don't really know what they're doing beside trying to make money off their viewers by shilling shitty companies like FTX and BlockFi. I feel bad for people that fell for it and lost their money. Nobody should put their trust in these people.

  3. Soon crypto will be a good investment after solid regulation, current hysteria capitulation and fed pivot

  4. Didn't you say all your cyrpto was on BlockFi? Was that still the case? I just saw BlockFi appears to be circling down the drain. Hope for your sake that you didn't still have all your crypto assets locked up with them. Oof.

  5. You should delete the links from every video that has them not just “going forward”

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